Morton Grove Implementation Schedule
January 2019

CCS, Innovative and Morton Grove staff have been hard at work over the past few months preparing to migrate Morton Grove to the CCS database. This will be the first time CCS has added a new library since 2011, when the Highland Park Public Library joined CCS! 

All CCS libraries will be offline in January while Morton Grove data is loaded into the CCS database. While the data is being loaded and indexed, all access to the production SQL database will be disabled, including the staff client, Leap, PowerPac, and Simply Reports. CCS is working with Innovative to provide SIP authentication and limited PowerPac access through the training database.

Below, we've outline the different steps in the go live process and provided additional information on what libraries can expect in January.


Go Live Schedule

Production Upgrade

Saturday, December 8

  • CCS production is upgraded to the newest version of Polaris, 6.1

Test of PowerPAC Redirect

December 12, tentative

  • Cloud Ops tests redirecting the urls for all library training PACs  to the system-level production PAC. This will allow Innovative to see how long the DNS changes take to propagate

Finalize Data Testing

Week of December 17

  • CCS and Morton Grove complete data testing and sign off on MGK data mapping

Data Extraction and Load
Thursday, January 10, 9:30 pm

  • Innovative extracts Morton Grove data after the library is closed

Friday, January 11

  • Copy of Polaris production to test before libraries open. Planned AM test downtime 

  • Morton Grove begins offline circulation using Polaris offline client

  • Innovative preps Morton Grove data for load

  • SIP authentication is switched to the training database

  • Access to both CCS production is disabled after 9 pm

  • Production PowerPAC is redirected to training PowerPAC

Saturday, January 12 

  • All CCS libraries begin using Polaris offline

  • Innovative begins the data load and indexing process (14.5 hours)

Sunday, January 13

  • All CCS libraries offline in Polaris

  • Innovative begins data deduplication process and reindexing (22 hours)

Monday, January 14

  • All CCS libraries offline in Polaris

  • Innovative completes deduplication process

  • CCS and Innovative do QA when processing is complete

  • CCS loads offline files

Go Live

Tuesday, January 15 (anticipated)

  • All CCS libraries online in Polaris

  • Redirect to training PAC removed

Wednesday, January 16 (backup)

CCS has pushed for an aggressive schedule with Innovative, cutting out cushion time to minimize anticipated downtime. CCS will communicate the progress of the data load with libraries over the weekend. If there are delays in the data load or deduplication process, we will be prepared to delay go live until Wednesday, January 16. We should know by Monday morning if we will need to wait until Wednesday to move back into the production environment.

Offline Circulation

While libraries are in offline, a number of services will be unavailable:

Available Services

  • Check out materials

  • Patron registration (optional)

  • Hourly material check-in (optional)

  • Available holds pickup

  • Training PowerPAC search functions

  • Training Leap search functions

  • Database/SIP Authentication against training 

Unavailable Services

  • Materials check-in

  • Placing holds

  • Paying fines

  • Modify patron records

  • Processing Holds

  • Running the picklist

  • Checking in expired holds

  • Checking in delivery

  • Creating ILL or on-the-fly records

  • Technical Services functions (Adding/editing items, bibs, etc.)

  • Simply Reports access

Check Out

Libraries will use Polaris Offline Circulation to check material out to patrons. Using Polaris Offline is required. Offline files will be processed by CCS and Polaris before libraries move back online. All properly performed offline transactions will be updated in the Polaris database before we go back online. Review go live offline procedures

Patron Registration
Libraries may register new patrons using Polaris Offline. Libraries should designate one circulation workstation for patron registration to help minimize potential load errors. If you will register new patrons during the offline period, you must submit the designated workstation name to CCS by January 10. Please email with the workstation name.

Patrons registered during the offline period will not be recognized by tools that authenticate against Polaris.

Hourly Material Check-In
Library staff may not check material in. In Offline Circulation, there is no way for the system to determine if material should transit to another library, is on hold for a patron, was returned overdue, or otherwise requires action. Material should be set aside until the morning of go live. 

Hourly or daily use materials that are not eligible for holds such as laptops or other in-house use equipment may be checked in. Your library should determine which, if any, materials would be eligible for offline check in and set up an internal procedure.

Leap Access

Training Leap will be available during offline for reference only. Library staff may not perform any transactions in training during the offline period. All transactions must take place in Polaris Offline. CCS will work to restrict permissions, but it is the responsibility of each staff member to follow procedures. CCS cannot guarantee recovery of transactions that take place in the training database. 

PowerPAC Access

Production PowerPAC will be unavailable during the offline period. Innovative will temporarily redirect production PAC to the training PAC, with limited functionality. As items are checked out in offline, item availability will become out of date.

Neither patrons nor library staff will be able to place holds, update account information or pay fines in PowerPAC. Libraries should communicate these dates to their patrons as appropriate to your community. 


Patrons will be unable to make online payments through SmartPay while the production database is unavailable. CCS is working with Comprise to turn off web payments for the offline period.

SIP Connected Tools

SIP authentication against production will be unavailable during the offline period. Innovative will switch SIP authentication from production to training on Friday, January 11. This will allow authentication with SIP resources to continue throughout the offline circulation period. 

Patron registered using offline mode will not have access to SIP tools, and users that become delinquent or expired during the offline period will still have access to resources that may have been restricted during normal circumstances.

Staff Scheduling Considerations

CCS strongly recommends that all libraries consider the go live schedule as they create their January circulation staff schedules. 

Library administrators and managers are responsible for ensuring that scheduled staff have reviewed offline procedures and restrictions. 

Management or other staff who have participated in Advanced Circulation training and are experienced with offline procedures should be scheduled for, at minimum:


  • Saturday, January 12: First day of Polaris offline

  • Tuesday, January 15: Go Live

  • Wednesday, January 16: Day after go live


Consider scheduling additional clerks and/or shelving staff on the day of and after go live. There will be a backlog of material to check in and shelve. 


Because the majority of downtime will fall on the weekend, CCS will not be stopping RAILS delivery.