Polaris 6.1: New Features


We've highlighted a number of new 6.1 features below that are available for you to test in training! Staff can read the full list of features in What’s New in 6.1 document.

New Novelist Features

CCS has turned on these features in the training PAC, but will ask for library staff and patron feedback before enabling in our production environment:

  • Enable Similar Titles on search results and full display

  • Goodreads ratings in search results and full display

  • Lexile number in search results and full display

  • Separate content drawers


Leap - Item Record Bulk Change

Staff will be able to bulk change item records from an item record set in Leap if they have the correct permissions! Select the new "Bulk Change" option under the Actions menu on the Item Record Set to open the Item Record Bulk Change workform (below).

item record bulk change.JPG

Leap - Reset Password for Existing Patrons

Staff will now reset a password for an existing patron by selecting the Reset Password button in the Patron Registration workform.

reset password.JPG
reset pat password.JPG

A new window will open for staff to input the new password.


Leap - Export to Excel from Record Set

Staff can export a list of records in Excel 2007.xlsx format from a record set in Leap.


Leap - Check in from Barcode File

Staff can check in items in Leap by uploading a file of item barcodes (.txt, .csv, .xls/.xlsx formats).

load from file.JPG

Leap - Print A List of Patron's Fines and Fees

Staff can easily print a list of the patron's current fines and fees from the Patron Record Account view in Leap.

print list.JPG