Acquisitions Information

Options for Closing Symphony Fiscal Years

Libraries should determine if they will close their fiscal year in Symphony prior to the migration and begin a new fiscal year in Polaris, or if they will finish their fiscal year in Symphony post-go live while cataloging new material in Polaris. The most important factor to consider is the library’s fiscal year. CCS will not be able to provide access to Symphony Acquisitions beyond June 30, 2018.


Fiscal Years Ending in May or June

Libraries with fiscal years ending in May or June may choose to complete their fiscal year in Symphony after go live. In this scenario, open orders could be received in Symphony after April 18th, but the material will then need to be cataloged in Polaris. Libraries choosing this model would be working in both systems, and would be responsible for ensuring that all material received in Symphony is cataloged in Polaris.


All open orders will need to be received in Symphony no later than June 15, 2018. Libraries will then need to close their fiscal years on or prior to June 25. This includes running any end of year reports. CCS will not be able to provide support for year end reports or other Symphony issues beyond that date.


Other Fiscal Years

For fiscal years not ending in May or June, CCS recommends closing your Symphony fiscal year prior to technical services downtime. Once live on Polaris, you will create a new fiscal year to continue the closed year. This would include replacing open orders and recreating your funds from the ending balances in Symphony.


For All Fiscal Years

Issue a stop on ordering

To minimize the number of open orders that need attention, issue a stop on ordering prior to the migration. The exact date of this stop will depend on your vendor’s typical turnaround time, your department’s typical turnaround time, and the ordering schedule in place at your library. CCS recommends a stop starting somewhere between March 1 and March 15. Your library should determine the date most appropriate for your situation.


Plan for downtime

Technical services downtime begins Sunday, April 8 at 5:00 PM. During this time, no acquisitions, serials, or cataloging work will take place. This means:

  • No placing, receiving, closing, or otherwise modifying orders

  • No creating, editing, deleting, or otherwise modifying bibs

  • No creating, editing, deleting, or otherwise modifying items

  • No checking items out to in-house use cards like MISSING, DISCARD, etc.


Between April 8 and go live, libraries can:

  • Continue to use Polaris Test for training

  • Review planned workflows using Polaris test

  • Outline fund structures to create in Polaris post-go-live

  • Create carts to be ordered post-go-live on vendor sites

  • Continue regular tasks that do not interact with the ILS, like repairs, shifting, or other physical collection maintenance


Acquisitions Training

Acquisitions training is scheduled in February and March. These two-day training sessions will cover more specific information on how to use the Polaris Acquisitions tools.

Training Schedule

Workflow Consultations

Training Materials


Upcoming Meetings

Attendees shared positive feedback from the meeting with Curt Leppert from Baker and Taylor. CCS has arranged for a meeting with Ingram in February. CCS is working with Midwest Tape to schedule a similar group meeting with their CCS customers.