Authority Control in Polaris

Authority records in Polaris can be searched in order to check for correct headings. From the Polaris tool bar, go to the Cataloging menu and select “Authority Records.” Or, you can click on the blue marble and then click on the piece of paper with an A on it.


This brings up the Authority Record Find tool. Use the Authority record find tool to search for authority records. Click on search and your results will be listed:

  1. Log into the Staff Client.

  2. Open the Utilities menu and select Reports and Notices.

Authority Find Tool.png

Double-click on the desired heading and the full record will be brought up:

Sample Authority Record.png

The record looks similar to a bibliographic record, but there are differences. Some of the different icons on the screen include:  Check for see-also references, Check for linked records, and Linked bibliographic records.  Those three can also be accessed through the drop-down menus.

Clicking on the "Linked Bibliographic Records" icon (or using the drop-down menu) brings up the bibliographic records that this authority record is linked to.

Linked Bibliographic Records.png

Check Headings From Within a Bibliographic Record

Polaris automatically checks headings and does authority control every time a bibliographic record is saved. If you wish to check your headings before saving a record, click on the Check Headings icon on the toolbar. Any unlinked heading is listed.

Bib Authority Check.png

Only the main heading of the record is controlled in Polaris. When there are additional subheadings attached to the heading, these will not link to the main authority record.

Subject heading strings will be included, because many times the entire string does not have an authority record.  

Review your spelling carefully because both headings with correct spelling and ones that have errors are included! 

To investigate name headings further, click on the “Details” button found on the Check Headings Assistant. 

Check Headings Details.png

The Check Headings Detail screen is brought up.  It shows possible authority record matches. 


  1. Do not click on the “CREATE NEW AUTHORITY RECORD” button. 

  2. You can click on the Find button to search for the appropriate authority record. 

  3. If you find a different heading, you can click on “Adjust” to have the “bibliographic heading to match authority record.”

  4. You can also “Edit bibliographic heading” if there is a typo that needs to be corrected. 

  5. If there is no authority record present, then leave the heading unlinked.

Import Profiles and Authority Control While Importing a Bibliographic Record

Import profiles can be set up to “Perform Authority Control.” 

Import Profile Doing Authority Control.p

Import profiles for On Order records do not need to Perform Authority Control.

Import profiles for full bibliographic records should have “Perform Authority Control” checked with “Do not create authority record; save bibliographic record as final” selected.

Check the import report to see what authority issues were discovered during the import.

On the “authority records” tab, the “Do not save any records” box should be checked. This tab is only used when a file of authority records is being imported.

Import Profile Authority tab.png