Adding a Manual Charge

To manually add a charge to a patron’s account, open their patron record and navigate to the “Account” tab.

Select Add Charge.

Add an amount to the charge amount field, and select the Fee Reason from the drop-down menu.

If the charge is associated with a specific item barcode (for example, damaged material or missing piece), enter in the Item barcode or search for the item using the Find Tool. 

Add in any relevant Staff Notes, and select the Add Charge button.  

NOTE: if the charge must be paid to a specific library (like a studio or maker space fee), add a note indicating which library the patron must pay at. If staff see a note indicating a fee must be paid at a certain library, refer that patron to the library. Do not collect payment for that particular fee. 

A pop-up will appear, indicating the charge was added successfully. 

The charge will now appear on the patron’s account.


July 2019