Migration Update: March 31, 2017

As we move closer towards finalizing our contract with Polaris, CCS would like to thank you all for your active participation in the negotiations process. This has truly been a collaborative process, and your questions, comments and feedback have been immensely valuable to CCS staff and the contract team. Please continue to share your questions through needs@ccslib.org. In This Update Contract Negotiations Update eCommerce Meetings In Every Update FAQ How to Prepare Continue Reading

How to Prepare: Long-absent Items

Libraries can access the Long-Absent Items dashboard in Bluecloud Analytics to help identify items that have been lost, missing, discarded, withdrawn, or overdue for 10 or more years. The handy dashboard layout also includes two sub reports that identify which items on the list have a bill that is not paid in full or an active hold linked to them. Since these items have been gone for more than 10 years, it is unlikely they will ever come back (or if they do, you may not want to keep them in the library's collection). How should libraries use this report? First, look at each item on the list. You may want to do one last shelf-check to make sure the item is really, truly gone. Then, decide if

Migration Update: March 24, 2017

Thank you all for all of the questions you've shared through needs@ccslib.org, meetings with Debra, and at technical groups. We're continuing to build our FAQ, and storing questions that we're not yet able to answer. CCS has also been invited to participate in several staff days or management team meetings to go over the basics of the ILS migration. It's amazing to see how engaged everyone is in this process already! In This Update Contract Negotiations Update Migration Portal PAS Survey Results eCommerce Meetings In Every Update FAQ How to Prepare Continue Reading

How to Prepare: Run the Old Title Holds Report

Currently, there are over 1,500 active holds in the system that were placed in 2015 or earlier. The oldest active hold placed on a patron card dates back to 2007, which means it has been around for a decade! Chances are, these holds are no longer valid, or, there may be issues associated with the patron or item. Libraries can view long-standing holds by running the Old Title Holds”report in Web Reports. This report will provide a list of your library’s holds older than 1 month, sorted by date. Find Old Title Holds under the Special Weekly Reports section in Web Reports to investigate! Please note that this report does not include holds placed on on-order records. Place a Wonderdesk ticket i

Migration Update: March 17, 2017

Last week's tip for a smooth transition was to mark your most-loved web reports as favorites. Over 125 reports have been identified as at least one library's favorite, with several being flagged by multiple libraries. The top six favorites (currently a tie for 5th) are: Top & Bottom 10 Of Each Scat Items by Type Items by Home Location Items by Cat1 Monthly Item Stats Cat1 Circ Dept Stats Your favorites will help us identify reporting needs to address in our new system, and we'll do additional needs analysis over the coming months. Thank you for your participation, and let us know if you have suggestions or questions on how to prepare. Get to Know Polaris Explore PowerPAC In This Update Co

Cleanup Report: Mismatched Patron Barcodes

Today we are highlighting a cleanup report that helps libraries identify patrons whose library card barcode numbers do not match their home library’s barcode prefix. To access this report, log into BCA. On your home page, select Shared Reports. In Shared Reports, select the Library Dropbox folder. Choose the Database cleanup—Users, Holds folder to view the reports. Select the User Barcode Prefix Does Not Match Library report. This will pull up a list of patrons (paged by library) whose barcodes do not match their home library’s barcode prefix.

Migration Update: March 10, 2017

Today Rebecca will be participating in the Wilmette Public Library staff day, giving a short presentation on the basics of an ILS migration. What is it? When it is happening? How will it work? At this point, we can provide high-level answers to these questions and are happy to do so. As we move from contract negotiations to project planning, we'll develop more detailed answers to the how's and when's of the migration. If you're interested in a similar presentation at your library, contact Rebecca or Debra to schedule. In This Update Migration Portal Debut Contract Negotiations Update eCommerce Survey Continue Reading

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go: Favorite Your Top Web Reports!

While our anticipated go-live date is still far in the future, there are many things member libraries can do in the meantime to help prepare for a smooth transition. One place to start? Visit Web Reports and "favorite" your library's most-loved reports! Follow the steps below to help us gather valuable information on CCS reporting needs. 1. Log in to Web Reports. 2. Click the "Favorite" link next to the report title. 3. The report will be automatically added to the "My Favorites" list at the top of the page. We encourage you to use this feature, so that we are able to gain a sense of which reports libraries are actively using.

CCS News: March Edition

This month at CCS, we're continuing contract negotiations, developing the FY17-18 budget, moving ahead with preliminary stages of a potential office renovation, and welcoming a new member to the CCS team. In addition to continuing towards a successful contract with Innovative, we are developing our in-house tools and strategies that will contribute to a smooth migration. One change we've already implemented is to CCS News. With the move of CCS News to a monthly newsletter, we can focus weekly updates on the migration. If you received this email, you'll also receive our Migration Updates. CCS News will continue to be archived on our website, and Migration Updates will be archived on our