Migration Update: April 28, 2017

CCS staff had our first call with our Implementation Manager, Mary Wood, on Thursday. Mary will be our primary contact at Innovative for the course of the project. We will also work closely with a Data Migration Specialist, Implementation Engineer, and several trainers. Today is also the deadline for library directors to suggest staff for library staff advisory groups. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered. We will be reviewing the lists and determining team rosters early next week. In This Update Migration Schedule Migration Basics In Every Update FAQ How to Prepare Continue Reading

How to Prepare: Cleanup old on-order records

This week, take a look at on-order records that have been lingering in the system for over a year. The “Old On-Order Records” report in Bluecloud Analytics provides a list of items created more than 12 months ago that are still marked as on-order. These items may have an "on order" Item Category 1 (255 or 666), an "on order" Home Location, or an "on order" Item Type. There are a number of reasons why items may appear on this list. Read on for possible explanations, as well as some suggestions on what to do! Some items on the list might be good to go! This includes pre-orders for materials with a future pubdate. Other items need the item cat 1, home location, and/or item type (etc.) fixed. Th

Migration Update: April 21, 2017

Last week we outlined the implementation framework--the structure we'll use during the migration. Library staff will share their expertise and help guide the process as members of advisory groups. Each library will be represented on at least one group. We've asked library directors to nominate up to 3 people to participate on a library staff advisory group by Friday, April 28. We'll be developing and announcing the group rosters as soon as possible after that date. This week we're sharing a video on migration basics. Rebecca and Debra are also available to do a live presentation at your library's staff day, in-service, or team meeting. In This Update Migration Basics eCommerce Meetings Mig

How to Prepare: Review Patron Profiles

Many libraries have asked CCS to help them identify their library's different in-house cards, particularly ones that may no longer be in use. This week in Web Reports, review your library's different patron profiles, along with the library cards that use each profile. The report highlighted below lists: Every patron profile that exists in CCS The number of library cards associated with each profile Total checkouts by library cards associated with each profile in the last year Libraries can use this report to help identify which in-house profiles and cards are no longer being used and can be deleted. To access this report, log in to Web Reports. Under Count of Patrons and Items, select the Co

Migration Update: April 14, 2017

At Wednesday's Governing Board meeting, the Governing Board voted to approve the negotiated contract with Polaris and move forward with the ILS migration. Thank you to our contract team for all of their work on this process: Su Bochenski (Lincolnwood), Matt Womack (Ela), Tim Longo (Evanston), and Melissa Stockton (Quipu Group). As a next step, CCS staff will be meeting with our Polaris implementation manager to begin the project planning phase. During project planning, we will outline the goals of the project--including our anticipated date to begin using the new system--and develop a detailed schedule. We'll also be soliciting nominations for our implementation advisory teams. Read on

How to Prepare: Cleaning up Patron Records

There are almost 600,000 registered cardholders in the Symphony database across all CCS libraries. With so many patron records in the system, there are bound to be a few mistakes here or there! To help find these errors, we've created a report to identify library cards that may have incorrect information attached to them. This week's featured report lists your library's different combinations of patron profile, cat 2, and city. Browse the list to see if any of your library's combinations look incorrect. To access this report, open Web Reports. Scroll down to the Count of Patrons and Items section. Select the Patrons By Profile by Cat 2 by City report. Click the link to pull up a list of all

CCS News: April 7, 2017

April is shaping up to be a busy month at CCS! On Wednesday, April 12, the completed Polaris contract will be brought to Governing Board for approval. Thank you all for your input, questions and comments throughout this process. Your feedback has been immensely valuable to CCS staff and the contract team. CCS has been hard at work developing our in-house tools and strategies for the project. All project updates will be shared weekly through our newsletter and on the migration portal, so make sure to follow both closely to stay informed. In This Issue Enterprise Now More Secure Evening and Weekend Support RDA Workshop Wrapup CPL Online Verification Welcome, Mieko! In Every Issue Migration U

How to Prepare: Identifying Preliminary Records

This week, we are highlighting a BCA report for all of our catalogers! The Preliminary Records with Circulating Items report identifies circulating items with 1 or more checkouts that are currently attached to preliminary data records. This report excludes ILL items. To access this report, log into BCA. On your home page, select Shared Reports. In Shared Reports, select the Library Dropbox folder. Choose the Database cleanup—Catalog, Call number, Item folder to view the reports. Select the Preliminary records with circulating items report. Next, select your library from the list. Click Run Report to display a list of items.