Migration Update: May 26, 2017

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Migration Kick Off yesterday. Check out pictures from the event, as well as copies of the resources we distributed. Congratulations to our door prize winners: Sara from Glencoe, Jackie from Lake Villa, and Mollie from Zion-Benton. This week, the week of May 22, we worked with Governing Board to outline broad guidelines for the migration. These will grow and change as we learn more about how Polaris is built and how our policies, workflows, and procedures may need to change. The CCS Implementation Team will work closely with the Library Staff Advisory Groups to ensure our configuration is in line with these targets. The CCS office will be closed on

How to Prepare: Old Magazine Issues

This week’s How to Prepare should be a fast one for the shorter week coming up! The Old Magazine Issues report lists items with an Item Category 3 of MAGAZINE that were created more than 5 years ago. Since most libraries tend to only retain a couple years’ worth of a periodical title, this is an opportunity to identify issues no longer in your holdings to flag for discard. Of course, there will be legitimate exceptions that may show up on the report, such as special issues the library has retained for a local history collection, genealogy collection, etc. or periodical title placeholders. If this is the case, you may ignore these entries! To run the Old Magazine Issues report, log in to Blue

Migration Update: May 19, 2017

We're excited to share a new video with you this week, outlining the roles and responsibilities of the different groups that will work on the migration process, including individual libraries. Throughout the migration, CCS will strive to share project updates and training in multiple formats. We'll host hands on, in-person training, provide resources for individual exploration and learning, and develop written procedures to carry us past go live. Please continue to share your questions with us. When you email needs@, speak with a staff member, or ask a question in a meeting, we're recording your questions. When we can't immediately provide an answer, finding one becomes one of our project ta

How to Prepare: IT Information Needed

Ok, you wonderful IT staff! It's your week to prepare! As we move from project planning into the system setup phase of the migration project, we will begin to request important information from CCS libraries related to setup and profiling. In last week’s Migration Update, we shared an Acquisitions and Serials survey (due May 31). The information gathered from that survey will play a key role in profiling and workflow consultations. This week, we are asking IT staff to start compiling information related to network and workstation configuration. This information will be used by Polaris (domain names and workstation names) during the setup process or by CCS to ensure we are configuring the new

Migration Roles & Responsibilities

During the next year, everyone in the consortium will help make sure the transition to Polaris is a success. But what are the responsibilities of CCS, each library, and individual staff members during the project? Watch this video to find out!

June 9 - Stop on Symphony Changes

After Governing Board made the decision to pursue a contract with Innovative Interfaces, we instituted a pause on new Symphony development in February, and continued to make changes to circulation rules, codes, and more. As we move forward with implementation, we will need to stop changes on Symphony, as of end of business on Friday, June 9. What changes must be stopped? The stop on changes includes: Changes to circulation rules Creation of new circulation rules Large scale changes to locations Creation of new locations Creation of new item types, categories, etc. Creation of new patron types, categories, etc. New custom reports that are not migration-related Implementation of new features

Migration Update: May 12, 2017

Today I was invited to speak about the migration at the Prospect Heights in-service day. In our conversation, circulation manager Maureen Dunne had a great suggestion. She said that she would work with her staff to list the tasks and procedures that they use every day, and are absolutely essential. Then, when training rolls around, their department will have a checklist they can reference. If they can do each task on their list, they will be ready for Polaris. I love Maureen's suggestion, and hope that everyone who attends training with Polaris or CCS has a list of what they want to learn. We are continuing to work with the Polaris implementation team to iron out our schedule. Our focus is o

How to Prepare: Holds on Discard Items

In Symphony, if an item marked for "Discard" has an active hold, the hold will prevent the item from being removed from the system by the regular monthly reports. The BLUECloud Analytics report "Holds on Discard Items" will help you identify holds placed at your library that are preventing an item from being discarded from the system. The items may be your items, or they may belong to another library. How to use this report: Depending on how your library typically handles holds, multiple departments may need to be involved in the process of dealing with these holds: Should the hold be cancelled? If so, do you need to notify the patron? Should a replacement copy be ordered to fill the hold? S

CCS News: May 5, 2017

Just as our migration project gets underway, we'll be welcoming our newest staff member to CCS. As we announced last month, Mieko Fujiura-Landers starts on Monday in Member Services. She will play an instrumental role with Debra in training and documentation over the course of our migration and beyond. Please join me in welcoming Mieko. Working with our Implementation Manager on our project schedule has been energizing for our team. We are happy to share some high level dates below as we iron out additional details. We are working on a detailed training schedule, which will cover: Leap, the web-based tool for public services Polaris, the traditional staff client PowerPAC use and configuratio

How to Prepare: eCommerce Demos

Polaris currently integrates with two eCommerce solutions: Comprise and Envisionware. If you were unable to attend the demos hosted earlier this week and last week, you can access the recordings below. Comprise eCommerce Demo: The Envisionware eCommerce Demo can be viewed on Vimeo. The password to view is "ewecom2017" (no quotations). #ecommercedemos