Migration Update: Aug 25, 2017

First, thank you all for your quick responses to our last survey. It was one of our tightest deadlines, and you all did great. We received all of the information we needed to update configuration and stay on track with mapping. This week has been intense, with CCS staff working to map everything from bill reasons to shelf locations to material types and their corresponding circulation rules. In several instances, we've reached out to libraries for additional information. Thank you for being so responsive. We're looking forward to welcoming Kathy Schmidt on Monday, as one of our two Member Services Librarians. Kathy will work with Debra, Mieko, and Virginia in Member Services as we move

How to Prepare: Workstation Follow-Up

This week's How to Prepare is a short survey with follow-up questions relating to Polaris workstations - specifically, self-check stations and the staff client. Please have appropriate staff read through this blog post and complete the Polaris Workstation Follow-Up Survey by Friday, September 1st. Preview the survey in PDF format here. Self-Check Workstations The first piece of information needed is about self-check units and workstation names. Earlier in the migration, we asked libraries for self-check information such as number of current units, number of anticipated new self-check units to be added through April 2018, vendor, etc. We want to verify the amounts collected and give libraries

How To Prepare: Revised Patron Codes and Stat Classes Survey

As CCS completed the profiling process, we discovered an alternate configuration that would allow libraries greater flexibility near- and long-term. The alternate configuration includes revising the list of patron codes and patron statistical classes. This adjustment allows libraries to: Have more control over who has access to checkout high demand or high value materials Automatically manage holds placed by non-CCS patrons Maintain the balance of the patron's home library limits and checkout library limits As an added benefit, it also provides CCS with the most flexibility to adjust or implement new policies in the future. Patron codes are similar to Sirsi’s “User Profile.” In Polaris, the

Migration Update: Aug 11, 2017

This week's newsletter will be short and sweet. CCS staff are continuing the mapping process and working with Polaris staff on a few unresolved questions from profiling. We are gathering additional information and expect to have details to share next week, and may need more information from libraries. Over the next week and a half, we will be immersed in mapping. The tight deadline will ensure CCS staff have time to review the database before starting training in September. Please keep in mind that our response time to routine help desk requests will be impacted over the next two weeks. As always, if you are experiencing any connectivity issues, please call the office for immediate assistanc

CCS News: August 4, 2017

This week we spent Monday and Tuesday working to meet our August 1st deadline to submit profiles. Thank you to library staff who followed up on our last minute questions! Our test data extractions has been delivered to Polaris, and our data specialist has begun his analysis. We will work with him to map our data to the fields set up during the profiling phase. In This Issue New Member Services Librarian Stop on Symphony Changes Upcoming Meetings CE Opportunities Migration Update Profiling Wrapup How to Prepare Continue Reading

How to Prepare: Take a break!

Thank you for all the hard work you've put in! For the libraries who haven't submitted the Freshdesk surveys from last week, please do so by Monday, August 7th (link to the survey was administered via the libadmin listserve). Otherwise, have a great weekend!