Migration Update: October 27, 2017

Thank you all for your continued efforts on data testing. We received 50 tickets this week, almost all regarding Polaris. CCS staff are working with Polaris to resolve these issues and discover answers to your questions. Please keep those tickets coming! We also hosted two training sessions over four days, shadowed a workflow consultation, met with the Circulation Advisory Group (watch for a summary next week), and had a call with Polaris development. It's wonderful to hear all of the insightful questions you're asking during training and to continue to build our knowledge together. In This Issue Changes to Planned Downtime Data Testing Known Issues Updates Dates & Deadlines Library Leads

Migration Update: October 20, 2017

This week, we're continuing with data testing and related cleanup. We are continuing to develop tools to assist in testing and cleanup, like the mismatched Item Cat 3 and Item Type report shared earlier this month. Please note, Kathy Schmidt, our Member Services Librarian, is out of the office. If you have an outstanding voicemail, email, or ticket with Kathy, thank you for your patience. The rest of the Member Services staff will be reviewing and answering those questions as soon as possible. Please continue to use Fresh Desk for routine help, and call 847-483-8600 and press 0 to speak with an available staff member for immediate assistance. In This Issue Planned Polaris Downtime, October 2

How to Prepare: Item Data Testing

Are you ready to start data testing?! Last week, each library's data testing coordinator and library lead received an email with instructions on how to report data testing progress to CCS, along with our first official data testing assignment on patron records! This week, we shared another document that will help libraries begin reviewing item records. Copies of both documents are attached below. If you're curious about what fields to pay close attention to at as you review records in Polaris, please take a look! These worksheets will not be turned in to CCS but may be used internally at each library. Talk to your library lead for more information on how data testing will work at your librar

Migration Update: October 14, 2017

We have had some delivery issues with our newsletter, which we are working with IT affected libraries to resolve. If you are rejoining us this week, don't forget to check the archives to view newsletters you may have missed. We had another round of training this week, and heard great questions from the circulation and cataloging staff in attendance. The week of October 16 we have no in-person training, and 2 webinars: Community Profiles & Feature It as well as Outreach Services. Community Profiles and Feature It are PowerPAC features. Community Profiles allow area organizations to have a presence in the library catalog (example example). Feature It allows libraries to highlight online re

Migration Update: October 6, 2017

This week's update has something for everybody, with several How to Prepare tasks this week. All staff are encouraged to watch the newest Two-Minute Tutorials and familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of item testing. We also have cleanup tasks for Circulation and Technical Services, and a couple of quick tasks for IT. To help facilitate this week's data testing, as well as future testing and training, CCS has developed code sheets for each library. These code sheets represent the tables that run Polaris, and a big part of testing will be reviewing each tab for accuracy and ensuring the database behaves as expected. This week, we're easing into using the sheets with an introduction

How to Prepare: Introduction to Data Testing

Our Polaris test database is live, staff have access to their usernames and passwords or will be receiving their information soon, and training has begun - it's time to *leap* (see what I did there?! and yes, I can hear your groans...) into data testing! As you may have heard before, data testing is a critical part of the migration process; it's how we check that our data has been converted properly and that the Polaris settings correctly reflect your library's policies and practices. Next week, CCS will begin working with library leads to provide directives for data testing at each library. We'll establish guidelines, deadlines, and best practices. In addition to the How To Prepares you've

How to Prepare: Mismatched Item Cat 3 and Item Types

CCS has created a handy tool to help libraries identify conflicts between Item Cat 3 and Item Type values for their items in Symphony. These combinations were used to map to Polaris Material Types, and errors in coding here will result in errors at go live. Add your library name as it appears in Symphony (example: DUNDEE or DUNDEEB) to the link above to access a list of all combinations of Item Cat 3 and Item Types in use by your library. Look for conflicts between Item Cat 3 and Item Type. Each row includes a count for how many records match the combination. Click ਨ at the start of a row on the left side of the window to display a list of matc