Go Live Time Trial & Polaris Test Downtime

CCS has been working with Polaris to finalize the schedule for go live. In April, we will need to stop new changes and transactions in Symphony and load a fresh data set in Polaris. This requires downtime for all ILS functions. In order to develop a more accurate estimate for how long the go live process will take, and how long libraries will be down, CCS and Polaris will be running a time trial. On Friday, December 1, Polaris staff will make a copy of our Polaris test database to load on to what will become our production environment. All existing patron, item and bibliographic data will be wiped clean. Then, starting December 4, Polaris will load our original data extract onto our produ

Migration Update: November 22, 2017

The CCS office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 23 and 24 in observance of Thanksgiving. For urgent issues, call 847-483-8600 and press 0 to reach our answering service or the CCS staff member on call. In This Issue Go Live Time Trial & Polaris Test Downtime Third-Party Vendor Integration Data Testing Two Minute Tutorials Dates & Deadlines December 1 Training Schedule Submitted Notice Practices Survey Printer Models Submitted December 8 Third Party Vendors Survey Complete List Continue Reading

Migration Update: November 17, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our November 15 webinar. The webinar is available on the portal, as well as a written summary of the questions from participants. Last week we hosted Train the Trainer training at CCS. Slides are available on the migration portal on both the public and technical services training materials pages. Thank you all for your questions and the suggestions you shared with each other. We're looking forward to seeing your training schedules. The CCS office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 23 and 24 in observance of Thanksgiving. For urgent issues, call 847-483-8600 and press 0 to reach our answering service or the CCS staff member on call. In This Issu

Naming Conventions

Use the following naming conventions when creating record sets, templates, and import profiles. Since any templates and import profiles created during the training period will migrate over to the production server, separate naming conventions should be used to easily identify test templates and profiles. Conventions will ensure consistency and allow staff to more easily locate the file. Record Sets Individuals can retain ownership or choose to transfer ownership to branch, library or system. If you'd like to share the record set with colleagues at your library, change the Owner to your own library or branch. Begin the record set name with your initials. Be specific and consistent when naming

PAS Advisory Group Meeting Summary

The PAS Advisory Group met on Thursday, November 16 to discuss elements of PowerPAC that will remain consistent for patrons, regardless of which library's catalog they are searching. Read on for a summary of their recommendations. Brief Display The brief display information appears along with the book cover in a list of search results. There are over 50 elements available for display in this view. The recommended list of elements to include in the brief display are: Title Author Edition Series Summary Local availability System availability Local call number Former title (serials) Summary Display The summary display shows when a user hovers over the book cover in the list of search results.

November 15 Webinar

In this online meeting, we will review project progress and plans focusing on the following areas: Data Testing Training Additional Configuration The quarterly webinars are an opportunity for us to outline work we've already completed and what's coming up at a high level, and dive into details on some of the crucial elements. Webinar Questions & Answers Q: Will there be Two Minute Tutorials on the staff client? A: Yes! We are continuing to develop tutorials, and happy to take requests. Please email help@ccslib.org with any specific requests. Q: Will there be automated performance testing for the database? A: As a hosted customer, we have contractual provisions to ensure we will have adequate

Migration Update: November 3, 2017

This week, Polaris presented webinars on Simply Reports and Interlibrary Loan. Recordings will be posted when we receive them from Polaris, and we'll share those links in this newsletter and on the portal. CCS will also be adding hands on training for Interlibrary Loan, so watch for details on those sessions coming soon. CCS is looking forward to hosting train-the-trainer sessions November 6-8. These one-day sessions are designed to give library staff the tools they need to build their library's internal training plan. Keep up the great work with data testing! In this newsletter, we're sharing updates that affect many or most libraries, but we're also making progress on mapping or confi

Circulation Advisory Group Meeting Summary

The circulation advisory group met on October 27th. In addition to discussing the procedure for selecting an ecommerce vendor and outlining questions to ask of potential vendors, the group developed the following recommendations: How will we handle user records without birth dates? Governing Board decided to require birth dates in user records as of go live. Libraries are strongly encouraged to begin collecting birth dates as soon as possible to minimize impact at go live. Additionally, the circulation advisory group has developed the following recommendations: The “required field” flag in Polaris will not be activated for 6 months after go live. If the required field flag is turned out (the