Patron Communication: Quick Guide

Help prepare your patrons for the upcoming catalog change by printing this handy guide in bookmark or half sheet. Or, use them as a starting point for designing your own! Bookmark download Half sheet download The Raleway font is used in both PDFs.

Migration Update: February 23, 2018

Polaris permissions will take effect on Monday, February 26. Until now, all Polaris users have been part of a training permission group with very broad permissions. Starting Monday, library staff will be assigned their actual permissions that will follow them through go live. On Wednesday, February 28 we'll host our third quarterly webinar of the migration. We'll review the go live schedule and key configuration details. As with previous webinars, we will record the meeting and share it. In This Issue Permissions Testing Requesting New Users How to Prepare: Consolidate User Logins Patron Communication Cleaning Up Training Templates, Profiles, & Record Sets Two-Minute Tutorials​ Dates & Deadl

How to Prepare: Consolidate Logins (optional)

Logging into the Polaris Staff Client is a two-step process. Staff need to log into the terminal server and then into the Staff Client. At this time, this requires two different sets of logins: the terminal server login and the Polaris login. After additional testing, CCS has confirmed that we can consolidate logins for regular Staff Client users. That is, individual staff members who are required to use the Staff Client throughout the day at their own workstation may tie their terminal server and Polaris logins together in order to simplify the login process. These users can save their terminal server login credentials to reduce time spent rekeying login information. This option would prima

Migration Update: February 16, 2018

Libraries have one month left to submit data testing issues to CCS. by March 15th, all data issues should be reported so CCS and Polaris can clear outstanding issues prior to go live. Thursday, April 5th, 5:00 PM, is the last day to make changes to the training database for settings/templates/import profiles. This also includes PAC customization. Changes made to the training database in these areas prior to April 5th at 5:00 PM will carry over to the production data on April 17th. CCS will be reviewing the go live schedule in detail at technical group meetings, on library visits, and in our February 28th webinar. Review it now on the migration portal. In This Issue Acquisitions Practice

Migration Update: February 9, 2018

Winter weather has struck! Today's Circulation/ILL Technical Group meeting was rescheduled for Friday, February 23 at 9:30 am. The Niles Public Library has kindly agreed to host us. Also, some library staff were unable to make it today's serials training. Stay tuned for details on what options will be available to those who were unable to attend. In This Issue Acquisitions with Midwest Tapes New Documentation Posted How to Prepare: Configure Printer Settings How to Prepare: Adjust Your Due Dates Two-Minute Tutorials​ Dates & Deadlines March 1 Last day to submit PAC changes to CCS March 15 Last day to submit data testing issues April 5 Last day to make add or change settings on Polaris test,

How to Prepare: Configure Print Settings

REVISED 2/13/18 - printer settings follow the workstation, not the user. In Leap, printer options are set by the Polaris Workstation the user is logged into. These options can be viewed or changed in the Settings menu. To access and configure printer settings: In the upper right corner, click on your username Select “Settings” The “Print Options” tab lists several workforms and the type of receipts/slips available to print in each. For each workform, select the type of receipts and slips that you’d like to print. Click Save. Note: Printer settings will not transfer from the training database to the production database. Staff should make note of their preferred printer settings while on the t

How To Prepare: Adjust Your Due Dates

One of the challenges of going live on a new system is that we cannot check in materials during offline mode. To help mitigate the backlog, CCS recommends that your library does not have material due on or around go live. While CCS has given suggested scenarios for closed dates below, libraries may request a custom range of dates. CCS can set your library as “closed” in Symphony for a specified period. During that time, material will not be due, and available holds with not expire. For libraries that manually manage the hold shelf, this is immaterial. When performing a checkout, if the date due determined by the circulation rule falls on a “closed” date Symphony, the system will assign the n

Migration Update: February 2, 2018

Today marks two project deadlines: Last day for policy addition requests Submit staff permissions to CCS. See below for some clarification on policy addition requests. Regarding staff permissions, we'll be setting permissions for all existing staff based on the responses you send now. As new staff join your library, we'll ask you to submit their username and permissions using a form (coming soon). Next week is another busy training week at CCS. We'll host CCS-led interlibrary loan training on Monday, February 5 and Polaris-led Leap and Serials sessions later in the week. In This Issue Acquisitions with Ingram Data Updates eCommerce Selection Two-Minute Tutorials Dates & Deadlines February