Go Live Update: Data Updates & Reminders

April 24, 2018 Just a few updates and reminders. We'll send another update on Friday! Data Updates ILL Libraries Many records for Interlibrary Loan Libraries were loaded with truncated last names. The library's OCLC symbol or delivery code was most often stored at the end of the last name. To preserve this data, any content in an ILL library record last name field in parenthesis will be moved to the first name field. On Order Items Some on order material migrated with a circulation status of available. This allowed these materials to appear on the pick list. Items with Symphony generated call numbers (start with XX(...) have been updated. To move these items to a circulation status of

Go Live Progress: FAQ and Offline Client

April 20, 2018 - 4:00 PM With our first few days of Polaris behind us, we have a few FAQ to address below, as well as another batch of migration exceptions for review. Libraries will also want to prepare for the unexpected by installing the offline client. Please keep reading for details. CCS will be available this weekend from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Please email help@ccslib.org or call 847-483-8600 to speak with a staff member. In This Issue: Migration Exceptions For Review Offline Client Install Instructions PowerPAC Search Box Woes? Where is my report? Where is my file? Read the update Next Update Tuesday, April 23

Go Live Progress: Notices Ready to Print and Post

April 20, 2018 Notices Ready to Print and Post Print notices are available in the staff client under Utilities > Reports and Notices > Notices to print and post. Reminder: Close Records When Not In Use Polaris uses what are called object locks to make sure that records are not being modified by more than one user at a time. Polaris's streamlined design means there are not separate modules to view and modify records. All staff should remember to close records when they are not in use. This is especially important when logging out of Leap. We're conditioned to close a browser window without logging out of all of our services. With Leap, you should close all records, log out of Leap, and then

Go Live Progress: Notice Delivery in Progress

April 19, 2018 - 5:30 PM Go Live Progress Thank you all for your continued patience this week! CCS staff are working through tickets and configuration tasks. Notice Delivery: Take Two Notices delivery is in progress! The notice jobs started at 12:00 PM and finished at 1:35 PM. Emails and texts began sending shortly after 12:00 PM. Phone calls got off to a late start, but did begin calling by 3:30 this afternoon. Tomorrow we will have extended calling hours to ensure we work through the leftover calls from today and make tomorrow's calls. Normal calling hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM. Tomorrow, we will make calls from 9 AM to 7 PM. Tomorrow the notice job will kick off before 9:00 AM. Print

Go Live Progress: Notices, Take Two

April 19, 2018 Go Live Progress Notice Delivery: Take Two Polaris was able to resolve the issue described yesterday, in which notice sent dates did not migrate properly. CCS has done some additional research to confirm that notices will be generated for eligible patrons. We will run the notice job at noon today. As noted previously, notice delivery times will vary based on notice delivery format and other factors. Fine Notices We will not be generating fine notices today, which are one of the new notice types in Polaris. This notices alert patrons with a balance over a specified amount on their account. Your library may choose to send these or not. At this time, only a few libraries have e

Go Live Progress: Notice Day! **Updated - Notices Postponed **

April 18, 2018 Go Live Progress - Updated 4:25 PM Notice Delivery Postponed Notice delivery is being postponed until tomorrow. We are working through a data issue that may cause notices to be sent to patrons who should not be eligible. We will send an additional update tomorrow morning before launching the notice job. Thank you for your patience. Please keep reading for additional details, and let us know if you have questions. More Details The last notice date should have migrated from Symphony to Polaris. This date determines when a patron would next be eligible for a notice. In many cases, there was a date listed in a database table in the background, but not in the staff client or Leap

Preparing for Notices

**Revised 4/18/18 4:15 PM** CCS will delay sending notices until Thursday, April 19 as we work with Polaris R&D to ensure Symphony notification dates properly migrated to Polaris. On the 19th, CCS will complete notice configuration and initiate our first notice run on Polaris. After Thursday, notices will continue to run daily. Due to the delay in sending hold notices, libraries can request that CCS add additional days onto their current held until dates. This would affect all items currently held on the hold shelf. Please submit a help ticket prior to 8:30 am on Thursday, April 19. CCS will bulk change those dates prior to running notices. View Sample Notice Text Steps to Running Notices Ru

Go Live Progress: We're well into day one!

April 17, 2018 Go Live Progress You did it! Thank you all for your patience and careful attention to details today. You've all put in so much work preparing for this day, and it shows. CCS staff are continuing work through the questions and data issues you've sent in. Barring any unforeseen issues, this will be our last update today. We'll send another in the morning. Please email help@ccslib.org to report non-urgent issues or call 847-483-8600 to speak with an available staff member. Notices Coming Tomorrow Tomorrow CCS and Polaris will be finishing notice configuration. We will notify libraries tomorrow before running notices. Until then, you do not need to take any action on notices. Next

Go Live Progress: We're Live!

April 17, 2018 Go Live Progress Live on Polaris! CCS is happy to report that libraries are now able to access Polaris production. How to get started: If you haven't already, refresh your remote app to get access to the production database. Look for the blue P icon. When you log into production, the toolbar will be blue. Leap users: Update your Leap URL and other bookmarks. When you log into production, the toolbar will be blue. Test logging in to Leap and/or the staff client. Reconfigure printer settings before clearing the holds shelf and checking in items. Clear expired holds manually. Pull items from the hold shelf with relevant expiration dates. and check them in to move them on to the

Go Live Progress: We're On Schedule

April 16, 2018 Go Live Progress Ready for go live CCS and Polaris are continuing to work on data updates. At this point, anticipate that libraries will be able to access Polaris production starting at 7:00 AM tomorrow. We will send an update at that time to confirm. Please do not attempt to log in until notified. Read the whole update for top to-dos tomorrow, details on the production client, and more. Next Updates Tuesday, April 17 - morning Tuesday, April 17 - afternoon

Go Live Progress: Database QA Beginning

April 16, 2018 Go Live Progress Final Data Processing Complete The load and processing are proceeding on schedule. Data processing has completed successfully. As mentioned in our last update, that doesn’t mean our database is ready for primetime. Database Updates and Quality Assurance Innovative and CCS staff will be working throughout the day to make sure the database is prepared to accept offline files this evening and begin circulation tomorrow. All libraries will continue to operate in Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17. Stop on Patron Registration - 5:00 PM Libraries who have done offline patron registration this weekend will stop offline patron registration at 5:0

Go Live Progress: Final Data Processing Wrapping Up

April 15, 2018 - Update 2 Go Live Progress Final Data Processing Wrapping Up We are on schedule, and data processing will be complete on Monday morning. After Processing When the processing is complete, there are still several steps Innovative must take to ready our Polaris production database for use. The Polaris engineer will perform a database update, after which he and our Implementation Manager will begin quality assurance. This testing ensures that the database is functioning as expected. When those steps begin, we will be able to confirm key timings for Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. Watch for our next update on Monday morning. All Libraries in Polaris Offline Mode All librari

Go Live Progress: Final Data Processing Continues

April 15, 2018 Go Live Progress Final Data Processing Beginning The migration is continuing as planned. The database is indexing, after which Innovative will perform additional processing. Data processing will continue throughout the day and into Monday morning. We will send an additional update this evening. All Libraries in Polaris Offline Mode All libraries will continue to operate in Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17. Next Updates Sunday, April 15 - evening Monday, April 16 - morning

Go Live Progress: Final Data Processing Begins Shortly

April 14, 2018 - Update 2 Go Live Progress Final Data Processing Beginning Innovative is completing the load of our patron and transaction data. Once the load is complete, the next step is data processing, which is expected to take around 40 hours. During this time, updates are made to records based on the data testing we have done over the past several months, and the data is indexed. We will send two updates on Sunday, April 15 noting progress. All Libraries in Polaris Offline Mode All libraries will continue to operate in Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17. Next Updates Sunday, April 15 - morning Sunday, April 15 - evening

Go Live Progress: Offline Mode Begins Today

April 14, 2018 Go Live Progress All Libraries in Offline Mode All libraries will operate in Polaris offline mode until notified on Tuesday, April 17. During this time: All patron checkouts will take place in Polaris offline mode. Log out and back in every two hours to create smaller, faster loading files. No material check-in No processing of holds, including running the picklist, expiring holds, placing holds. No access to patron accounts, including paying bills, modifying records. Patron registration only on workstations specified to CCS For more details, review the offline documentation and summary. Final Data Load Beginning Innovative has received our patron and transaction files, and

Go Live Progress: Technical Services Data Processing Complete

April 13, 2018 Go Live Progress Processing Complete Processing on bibliographic, item, and authority files is complete. Items will undergo further processing when the transaction file is loaded as part of this weekend's load. Our go live schedule is on track. Offline Begins at 9:00 PM Tonight All changes to patron data, My Account access, and transactions will stop tonight, Friday, April 13 at 9:00 PM. At that time, CCS will take Symphony offline to initiate the second and final data extraction. Workflows will be down until Saturday morning. Enterprise will stay online, but authentication will be disabled. On Saturday, April 14, we begin using Polaris offline mode until notified on Tues

Offline Prep

Today marks a huge milestone for the migration project: It's the last day library staff will perform their day-to-day jobs in Symphony! On Saturday, April 14, library staff will begin using Polaris in offline mode. We hope you are as excited as we are to make the leap into Polaris (pun intended)! On Saturday morning, please plan to have staff arrive early to make sure access to Polaris offline is successful. Issues? Call CCS at (847) 483-8600! Don't forget to review the offline procedures ahead of time. We've updated the patron registration directions slightly, and added directions for how to log off. Other info: All existing Workflows logins will be disabled Friday evening, but staff can s

Go Live Progress: Processing Continues & Fresh Documentation

April 10, 2018 Today we celebrate National Library Workers Day and mark one week until we are live on Polaris! We at CCS appreciate all of the knowledge, skills, and energy put into the migration by staff across our libraries. Thank you for all of your contributions to our CCS community in addition to serving your local communities! Jump to Go Live Progress or Other Updates. Last week's webinar recording is now available. Have you reviewed our go live checklists? Next Updates Friday, April 13 - afternoon Saturday, April 14 - morning

April 4 Webinar

Thank you to everyone who participated in the April 4 webinar! The recording is now available. In this webinar, we reviewed notice testing and go live checklists. Download the slides

Go Live Communication

It’s exciting to think that we will be live on Polaris in one short week! Library and CCS staff have spent months preparing, testing, and training to make the transition as smooth as possible. Even with all of the amazing effort you’ve put in, we know that there will be questions and potential issues on go live day. In order to maximize our efficiency, we are asking all libraries to follow these procedures for reporting issues: Determine your internal reporting structure and make sure staff are aware of internal procedures. For urgent issues, call 847-483-8600 For non-urgent issues, email help@ccslib.org or open a ticket in the Fresk Desk portal Internal Reporting Structure Most libraries h