Go Live Update: New Leap URL

May 11, 2018 CCS and Innovative are continuing to focus on PowerPac and Leap performance. Changes made over the past weeks have led to improvements, but we do not believe the issue is completely resolved. We are taking two additional steps towards a complete resolution, as outlined below. New Leap URL Brief PowerPac Downtime, Sunday at 10:00 PM Thank you for your continued communication with us during this time. Without your reports of slowness or errors, it is impossible for us to track the issue. To report a problem, email help@ccslib.org with the following: Interface used (PowerPac or Leap) Error message seen - copy and paste or grab a screenshot Approximate time or window when the error

Go Live Update: Data Updates & Reminders

May 4, 2018 In This Issue Have you logged out today? Google Analytics Econtent Integration Offline Documentation New Reports Available Upcoming Training Read the update Upcoming Meetings May 11, 9:30 AM - Circ/ILL at Evanston May 17, 9:30 AM - PAS at McHenry Next Update Friday, May 11