Featured Report: ILLINET

Report Title: ILLINET Located: Web Reports Frequency: Annual Summary: ILL circulation information needed for the ILLINET report. The ILLINET Report gathers data libraries can use in their ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey. The report looks at data from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Because of the ILS migration in April 2018, the report contains both Sirsi and Polaris data. The report is located in Web Reports, under the Statistics section. There is a single report for each library. For example, instead of a separate report for Algonquin Main and Algonquin Branch, data for both branches are compiled in the Algonquin report. The data included in the report reflects what is data av

New Permission Added: Override Item Limit Blocks

A number of library staff have reported changes in how hold permissions have worked since migrating to 6.1 in December. CCS has been working to test and troubleshoot with Innovative, and we've uncovered a bug in Leap. When staff who are placing a hold attempt to click through a request limit block in Leap, they are incorrectly being met with an item limit override and are being blocked from placing the hold. The permission works properly in the staff client, and only Leap appears to be affected. As a temporary fix until a patch is applied and/or the bug is corrected in a new release of Polaris, Innovative has given the override item limits permission to all staff in the general permission gr

CCS News: Indian Trails Joins CCS

In This Issue CCS Welcomes Indian Trails Survey on Planned Downtime Training Database Copy Switch to HTTPS Data Cleanup Update CCS Training Upcoming Meetings Read the Update! Upcoming Meetings February 11 - Database Management, 9:30 AM (CCS) February 13 - CAMM, 9:30 AM (Ela) February 21 - PAS Advisory, 9:30 AM (CCS) February 28 - ILL Technical Group 9:30 AM, (Zion-Benton)

How to Prepare: PAC Upgrade to HTTPS

Updated 2/1/19 with time/date of upgrade. Updated 2/6/19 to clarify library changes. Updated 2/7/19 to add Google Analytics info. CCS and Polaris will be upgrading the PowerPAC to a secure https connection. Pages containing sensitive information, such as the My Record page, already use a secure https connection. The PAC upgrade will affect currently non-secure pages, like the catalog home page. The upgrade will take place Monday, February 11th between 6:00am - 7:00am. CCS upgraded the training PAC in November 2018 to spot any potential performance issues and identify changes that will need to be made by CCS staff and library staff when we update production. There will be a redirect from the

CCS News: Morton Grove is Live!

In This Issue Morton Grove is Live! Data Cleanup CCS Training Upcoming Meetings Read the Update! Upcoming Meetings February 11 - Database Management, 9:30 AM (CCS) February 13 - CAMM, 9:30 AM (Ela) February 21 - PAS Advisory, 9:30 AM (CCS) February 28 - ILL Technical Group 9:30 AM, (Zion-Benton)

Go Live Progress: We're Back Online

Systems Coming Back Online Now Access to production has been restored, and libraries may switch back to production. Libraries other than Morton Grove who would prefer to wait until Tuesday morning to come back online should contact CCS at 847-483-8600. Innovative is beginning to bring systems back online, including PAC, SIP, and API service. Comprise will be bringing SmartPay sites back online between 11 AM and 12 PM. Communico will be reenabling full functionality in their app for CCS libraries by 12 PM. Read the Update!

Go Live Progress: Continue in offline mode

Planning for Noon Go Live All libraries should continue in offline mode this morning. Access to the training database is for reference only. Innovative and CCS staff got an early start. We anticipate our final checks will be completed by noon today. At that time, we will send an all clear message to CCS News and System Status. Self checks and sorters must stay disabled or in offline mode until CCS gives the all clear to bring them back online after our Innovative engineer reconnects SIP to the production database. Innovative and CCS will reconfigure SIP, disable the PAC redirect, re-enable Comprise payments, and confirm that all systems are back online. Read the Update!

Go Live Progress: All CCS Libraries Offline

Offline Begins! Innovative began the data load process early this morning. All libraries must begin using Polaris remote offline this morning. Self-checks and AMHs/sorters should remain disabled. Libraries who have tested their self-checks can continue to use in offline mode. They must remain offline or disabled through the weekend. Read the Update!

CCS News: Go Live Update

Morton Grove Data Extract Complete The Morton Grove data extract was successful, and all necessary database files were delivered to Innovative this morning. Innovative is on track to complete processing of the Morton Grove files in time for tomorrow's data load. Read the Update!

CCS News: Go Live Update

We're sending a bonus newsletter today, so that library staff can review the full migration schedule before the weekend begins! Please share the below schedule with library staff, and email help@ccslib.org with questions. Read the Update!

CCS News: Go Live Update

Library Staff Tasks Review the details in this email and linked offline documentation Confirm staff working January 11-15 are subscribed to CCS News Thursday, January 10 or Friday, January 11: Update local mdb files (details) Friday, January 11 at or before 2:30 PM: Disable self-checks and sorters, or set them in offline mode (details) Saturday, January 12: Begin using Polaris remote offline mode for materials checkout and patron registration (optional). Read the Update!

CCS News: Prepare for Offline!

In This Issue Countdown to Offline! Offline FAQ Offline Patron Registrations New Training Opportunity: Record Sets CCS Training Upcoming Meetings Read the Update! Upcoming Meetings January 9, 9:30 am: SCRAP (CCS) January 11, 9:30 am: Circulation Technical Group (Prospect Heights)

Offline FAQ

During the Morton Grove offline period, should staff use local offline or remote offline? All staff should use remote offline during the Morton Grove offline period. This will allow CCS staff to load offline transactions on behalf of libraries when we are ready to come back online. During the Morton Grove offline period, how often should staff log out and back in? Should we stagger logging off? Staff should log out and back in roughly every two hours (a little more or a little less is okay!). Staff do not have to stagger logoffs across workstations. What blocks will prevent checkout in offline? The blocks that will pop up during checkout in offline mode include: Library assigned blocks Free