Check In

There are multiple check in modes available in Leap:

  1. Normal Mode

  2. Bulk Mode

  3. In-House Mode

  4. Inventory Mode

Bulk Mode

Bulk Mode is meant for use when checking in large amounts of items such as, for example, from return bins. This mode assumes you are not working directly with a patron when checking in items. 

To access, select the Check In button from the Leap home screen and select the Bulk tab. 


If backdating or applying fine free days, you can either:

  • Enter the amount of fine free days in the box below,

  • Select a date on the calendar,

  • Or key in a date in the formatted date box.


Scan or key the item barcode into the box. If the item does not have a barcode, use the Find Tool to locate the item's record. 


A pop-up message will appear if the check in was successful.


Unlike Normal Mode, Bulk Mode automatically applies overdue fees to the patron's record. Staff will not see a dialogue box for each overdue item. Dialog boxes will appear if the item fills a local hold or if the item is in-transit to another library.

checkinbulk5_holdrequest - Copy (2).PNG

Dialog boxes will also alert staff if there are any blocks on the item record. Staff can:

  • Select Continue to check the item in,

  • Cancel to stop the check in process,

  • Or Item Record if they wish to inspect the item's full record.

*It's very important for staff to read block messages before taking action!

Item blocks.PNG

The most recent item scanned will appear at the top of the list. The workform will also list the status change of each item and/or routing or hold information. 


Clicking on an item from the list will take you to the item's record. The check in workform will remain open in the background. To return to the check in workform, you can: 

  • Close out of the item record,

  • select the Check In button at the top of the page,

  • or navigate to the check in workform by using the Workform Tracker


Once the items are all checked in, you can either select Clear List from the Actions menu or select Close to exit out of the Check In workform. 

After clicking Clear List, you may see a dialog box asking if you are sure you wish to clear the list. This dialog box gives staff one more opportunity to make sure items they checked in are going to the proper spot - whether it's to be reshelved, sorted into routing bins, or to the hold shelf. Select "Do not ask me again" if you want to deactivate this dialog box. 


Check In Items from an Excel File

A new feature in Polaris is the ability to check in items by uploading a file of barcodes. This method is available in all check-in modes: Normal, Bulk, Inventory, or In-House. The barcode file must be in one of the following formats: .txt, .csv, or .xls/.xlsx.

To check in from a barcode file, open the Actions drop-down menu and select Load from File.

load from file.PNG

As the items are checked in, you will see either a message confirming the check in or a dialog box if further action is needed for each item (for example, if the item has a hold, is in-transit, has blocks, etc.). If the item record is not found, a "No matching item record was found. Check the item barcode." error message appears, and the item is skipped.

upload file.PNG

Updated November 2019