CCS Updates to OCLC

A file of our records with holdings is sent to TMQ 8 times during the year:

  • July 1

  • September 1

  • October 1

  • November 1

  • January 1

  • February 1

  • March 1

  • May 1

Within a few days, TMQ processes the file using Osmosis and reviews the results. The Delete file is then sent to OCLC. Once all of the Deletes have been processed, they send the Adds to OCLC. The amount of time it takes for OCLC to process the files varies. If things are running smoothly they should process our files in about 7-10 days. Occasionally they do have system issues and the process is slower.


We are only sending records that have OCLC numbers.


We are not sending the following records:


Polaris bib TOM formats
Eaudiobook (aeb)
Ebooks (ebk)
Emagazine (emg)
Streaming music (stm)
Streaming video (stv)


Item Material Types
3 Book Club Bag
26 eAudiobook
27 eBook
28 eMagazine
29 Equipment
30 STEAM equipment
31 AV equipment
32 Computer Equipment
33 eReader
38 ILL Material
43 Laptop
52 Mobile Hotspot

Kathy Schmidt