Changing an Item Status from the Item Record in Leap

Polaris uses shared circulation statuses to identify items as lost, in repair, missing, etc. Some Polaris circulation statuses are associated with automated system functions (such as Checked Out, In-Transit, and Claims Returned).


Others can be assigned to available items by staff. Some staff will have permission to change an item's circulation status directly from the item record while other staff will be able to modify an item's circulation status from the check in workform. An item can be marked as missing, for example, directly in the item record using a drop down menu. These include:

  • Missing: A status of “Missing” means that, to the extent the library can determine, the item is available and should be on the shelf, but cannot be found. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

  • Repair: A status of “Repair” means the item has been removed from the collection temporarily for repair. The item needs to be mended but is expected to be returned to the shelf when fixed. The item will remain searchable in the PAC, but the “Status” column will indicate to patrons that it is being repaired.

  • Damaged: The item has been damaged beyond repair and will be removed from the collection. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

  • Unavailable: A catch-all term to indicate that the item is unavailable for patron use. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

  • Withdrawn: The item has been marked for removal from the collection. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

To change an item’s circulation status, open the item record to the Details tab. Select the Circulation Status drop down.

Choose the appropriate status from the Circulation Status menu.

Click the green Save button at the top of the item record.

The item’s circulation status will change and will be marked with a date and time stamp.

The item's history tab will list any item status changes and will indicate which staff member made the change.

To change the item’s circulation status back to Available, check the item back in, or manually change the status.

Note: If an item has a circulation status of Checked Out, In-Transit, Awaiting Pickup, Lost, or another status associated with automated system functions, staff will not be able to manually modify the circulation status unless the item is checked in. 

Updated April 2020