Item Circulation Status

In Sirsi, libraries used in-house cards to identify items as lost, in repair, etc. Polaris uses shared circulation statuses for these functions. An item can be marked as missing, for example, directly in the item record using a drop down menu. Staff will no longer use their in house cards for these functions.

Item Circulation Status.png

Available: The Item is on the shelf and available for patrons to check out.

Awaiting Pickup: The item is on the holds shelf waiting for a patron to check it out.

Checked Out: The item is checked out by a patron.

Claim Missing Parts: A patron has returned an item but there are missing parts.

Claim Never Had: A patron claims they never checked an item out, even though the item is checked out to them.

Claim Returned: A patron claims they returned an item, even though the item is still checked out to them.

Damaged: A patron has returned an item that is damaged and has been billed.

EContent External Loan: Not used.

In-Process: The item may be in the library being processed or being delivered from the vendor soon. If a library is using Polaris Acquisitions, this status changes from On-Order when an item is received.

In-Transit to Another Library: The item is being sent to another library to fulfill a hold.

In-Transit to Home Library: The item has been returned at another CCS library and is in transit back to the owning library.

Lost: The item has either been reported lost or has aged to lost after 45 days overdue.

Missing: The item is missing.

Non-Circulating: The item cannot be checked out. This status does not display in the Staff Client or LEAP.

On-Order: The item has been ordered but is not available.

On Loan to Another Library: The item has been sent out on ILL. Not Used.

Recently Returned: The item has been checked in recently. 

Repair: The item is damaged and being repaired.

Returned-ILL: The item was borrowed from a library outside CCS and loaned to a patron who has returned it.

Routed: A periodical is being routed internally. Not used often.

Unavailable:  Use differs by library; can be configured on a branch-by-branch basis to display or not in PAC. Used by Overdrive to indicate that the item is checked out outside of CCS.

Withdrawn: The item is being removed from the collection.

Most of these statuses are controlled by functions of the system. These statuses cannot be selected when editing an item record or bulk changing items. For example, an item that has a status of Checked Out must be checked in before another status can be assigned to it.

  • Available can be changed to: Damaged, Missing, Repair, Unavailable, and Withdrawn.

  • In-Process can be changed to: Available, Damaged, Missing, On-Order, Repair, Unavailable and Withdrawn.

  • On-Order can be changed to: Damaged, In-Process, Missing, Repair, Routed, Unavailable and Withdrawn.