Claimed Items

Items are marked as claims returned or claims never had when a patron tells a staff member that they either returned an item still charge to their account (claims returned), or that they never checked out an item currently charged to their account (claims never had).

To claim an item, open the patron's account and select the "Out" tab. Check the box next to the item they wish to claim, and select the Make a Claim button.

Select either "Claim Returned" or "Claim Never Had" from the menu, and click Claim.

The claimed item moves from the patron's "Out/Overdue" tab to the "Claims/Lost" tab. Both claimed items and Lost items that are unpaid are listed under this tab.

Claimed items will not show up in the patron's account in PowerPAC. Patrons can have a maximum of 5 current claims and 100 total claims. 


A claim will remain current until staff resolve the claim. 


Libraries will follow their own internal procedures for checking the shelf for claimed items. If a claimed item is not found or returned, the item will need to be marked as lost, and staff will decide if the patron should be billed for the item, or if the patron will not be responsible for paying a replacement fee.


To mark a claimed item as lost, select the box next to the claimed item, and click the "Declare Lost" button. 

On the "Declare lost item" screen, staff will either charge the patron for the claimed item or waive the replacement cost as per the library's procedures. 

To mark the item as lost, select the OK button. The item is removed from the patron's "Claims/Lost" tab, and the patron's number of current claims is adjusted.

Claiming an Intra-CCS Item

Libraries can claim an Intra-CCS loan item without consulting with the Owning Library. Libraries will be checking the Claims Returned Report on a regular basis to check the shelves for claimed items. 

Libraries should make the usual efforts to recover items or the cost of items from intra-CCS loan. Libraries will not send payment back-and-forth for claimed items.

Updated October 2019