Sending Patrons to Collections in Polaris

In Polaris, patrons are submitted to collections by the patron's registered library. This ensures that patrons are only submitted to collections by one agency.


*Note: At this time, CPL and reciprocal patrons registered to a branch of CCS cannot be automatically submitted to collections.


How are patrons submitted to collections?

Patrons are submitted to collections by their registered library based on:

  • Minimum balance for item fees (replacement costs and processing charges)

  • Fee age in days

When a patron is submitted to collections, all of the bills on their account, regardless of which library posted the bill or fee reason, are submitted to the collection agency. 


A patron can only be submitted to collections once. Once they pay off their debts and go to a zero balance, Polaris will remove them collections. 


Library Settings

Each library individually determines the following settings: minimum balance, fee age, and referral fee amount. Library also determine which patron codes are exempt from being submitted to collections:


  1. Minimum Balance:  Patrons are sent to collections based on a minimum balance for item fees. Item fees are any bills with the fee reason of Processing Charge or Replacement Cost. Overdue fees and manual bills will not count toward the patron’s minimum balance. When a patron meets the minimum balance based on item fees and is submitted to collections, all fees on their account (including overdue and other fees) will be sent to Unique, regardless of which library posted the fees.

  2. Fee Age: Fees must be a certain age before being included in the patron's minimum balance for collections. This allows patrons a window of time to pay off their balance before being submitted to collections.

  3. Referral fee: The collection agency fee charged to a patron’s account when they are submitted to collections. In CCS, most libraries charge $10.

  4. Patron Codes exempt from collections: The patron codes at your library who are not be considered eligible to be sent to collections by the system. 


Sample timeline with 30-day fee age for collections:

  • January 1: Patron checks out the item

  • January 15: Item is due

  • March 1: If the item is not returned, the patron is billed for the item

  • March 31: Item bill is eligible to be included in minimum balance for collections. If the minimum balance is met, the patron is now eligible to be submitted to collections.