Content Carousel Toolkit


With the Content Carousel Toolkit, you can now create a code snippet used to embed a record set carousel for use on a website. The code snippet is available as an iframe or HTML. The carousel links to your catalog where patrons may place a hold or learn more. 

This Content Carousel Toolkit tutorial is available as a PDF.

Getting Started

To begin, you will need the following: 

  • access to the PAC Content Permission Group 

  • access to the Staff Client  

  • the Record Set ID of a bibliographic record set owned by your library or CCS  

(Hint: If you do not see the Carousel Toolkit, request the PAC Content Permission Group by emailing 

How to Use the Content Carousel Toolkit 


Launch the Staff Client. 

Select Utilities, Carousel Toolkit. 


The Carousel Toolkit dialog box opens. 


Select Create from record set. 

Click Find.


The Find Tool opens with bibliographic record set selected. Search for and select the record set. 

 (Hint: Set Search by to: Record Set ID to search using your Record Set ID.)


Enter the Record Set ID in the For field. 

Click Search.


Double-click your record set. 


In the PAC context drop down, the library associated with your login credentials is automatically selected.  

When a user selects a title in the content carousel, the title is displayed in the Polaris PowerPAC for the branch (or the system) selected in the PAC context box. 


Click one of the following to generate your code:  

Get iframe code - The iframe code is displayed in the Code box.  

Get source code - The HTML code is displayed in the Code box.


To see how the content carousel will look in the web page, click Preview. 


Your preview generates. 


Click Copy to clipboard to copy the code.  


Paste the code snippet into the code for a web page. The content carousel is displayed in the web page.