Frequently asked questions:



When do we start training?

We will begin training after the test data load has been completed. Our first sessions will take place in September, and training will continue throughout the migration process. The schedule is now available.

Who will train me?

There will be three main groups of training during the migration:

  • Polaris-led training

  • CCS-led training

  • Library-led or internal training.

We have a limited number of seats in each Polaris-led training session. Each library will send between 2 and 5 staff members, depending on the type of training. As noted above, CCS will supplement with additional sessions for library staff, but for most libraries there will still be a gap between the total number of staff who need to be trained and the number of staff CCS and Polaris could train directly.


Each library should plan to conduct additional training to close that gap. At the May Governing Board meeting, we reviewed this process so libraries could begin to identify their internal training needs. CCS will provide resources to assist with this process, including training checklists and documentation.