Item Bulk Change Templates


Staff who are part of the Public Services Item Editing permission group and the Cataloging 1 permission group now have the ability to save item record bulk change settings as templates to reuse your item bulk change criteria. This feature is particularly helpful for staff who perform regular item maintenance, like monthly item flips!


Create an Item Bulk Change Template in the Staff Client

In an item record set, click the Bulk Change icon or go to Tools -> Bulk Change.

Select the desired changes from the bulk change options. Select Save As.

Name the template and set the ownership level. Templates owned to individual staff members will not be able to be accessed or used by any other staff. If this template will be used by others at your library, set ownership to the branch or library level. The template can be accessed and used in both the staff client and Leap. 

Click OK when finished. From here, you can continue with the bulk change or select Cancel to back out.

staff client -3.PNG

Use an Item Bulk Change Template in the Staff Client

Access the record set to be bulk changed. Select the Bulk Change icon or to go Tools -> Bulk Change

Open the Template field and choose the desired template.

Click OK at the bottom of the window. A pop-up will appear detailing the summary of changes that will be made. Review and when ready, click Continue to start the bulk change. 

staff client-5.PNG

When complete, a pop-up will appear indicating if the bulk change successfully completed or if there were any items that were not able to be changed. 

July 2019