Undeleting Record Sets

Sometimes a record set is deleted by accident, and library staff can potentially lose access to an important grouping of records! Record sets now go through a double-delete process, just like item records. This means that a deleted record set can be recovered and undeleted. Once a month, any remaining deleted record sets will be purged from the database. 


Undelete a Record Set in the Staff Client

Locate a deleted record set using the Find Tool. You can search for a deleted record set by using the Record Set ID or by looking for Record Status: Deleted.

staff client-5.PNG

Once you've located the record set, open it. You'll see the Record Status field says, "Deleted."

Click the Undelete icon or go to File -> Undelete.

(Note: if the Delete icon is selected for a record set with a status of "Deleted," the record set will be fully deleted from the database and will not be able to be undeleted or retrieved in any way.)

The Record Status will now be Final

Deleted Record Set Purge

Record sets with a status of Deleted will be purged the following month, tentatively scheduled for the second Monday of the month. For example, record sets deleted in August will be purged the second Monday in September. 

Once deleted record sets are purged, they are not able to be undeleted or retrieved.