Copying a Serial Holdings Record

It is faster to create a Serial Holdings Record (SHR) by copying an existing SHR so most of the fields and the prediction pattern have been completed already.


From the Polaris taskbar click “Serials” and select “Serial Holdings Records” to open the Find Tool.


In the Find Tool's search box, type in the title of the serial you are working with, and double click another library’s existing SHR to open it.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you copy the SHR and do not edit the other library’s work!


With the SHR window open, click the icon in the upper left that looks like a piece of paper.  A window will open where you can select “Copy Existing Work Form” and click “Ok”.


Change the destination to your library. Put a 1 in copy number. Then adjust any other information in the SHR as needed for your library such as call number, Check-in notes and Public notes, and click the save icon. 

sky shr.PNG

In order to properly populate the predicted issues on the check-in screen, it is important to open a pattern and navigate through the prediction screens even if it doesn’t require editing. To do so, select the prediction pattern, then press the blue square icon that symbolizes edit.

On the next screen, update the start date, arrival pattern, and textual holdings public note. If you would like an item record to be created at the time of check-in, “Generate items at check-in” should be checked. If the item will be circulated, “Prompt for barcode” should be checked. Then press OK to close.


Next, select the prediction pattern, then press the open file symbol to open the pattern.

If the existing pattern is acceptable, press next through the next two screens. These include the Enumeration and Chronology screen and the Regularity pattern screen.


The third screen displays a list of predicted issues. Press finish, then it will ask if you are sure that you want to generate 50 issues. Press Yes.  


If you need to alter the pattern, refer to: Prediction Patterns


The check-in screen will now list all of the predicted issues.

serial checkin.png

If no one has created an SHR for that title, you can either create a new one from scratch or copy a pattern from a different title. In this case, make sure to change the title that the SHR is linked to.

Updated 4/17/2020