Creating a New Serial Holdings Record

Without Copying

There are two ways to begin the process of creating a new serial holdings record from scratch. One way is to start from the bibliographic record. In the Tools menu select “Create Serial Holdings Record.”

Then the new Serial Holdings Record opens with it already containing the title and ISSN information from the bibliographic record.

New SHR 1.png

The other way is to start from the Polaris taskbar. Click “File” and select “New,” or click on the sheet of paper icon.


A window will come up with a list of objects that can be created. You can narrow what you see by selecting “Serials Objects” in the View. Then select “Serial Holdings Record” and click “OK.”

A blank Serial Holdings Record will open.

If you started with a new Serial Holdings Record, click “Find” to search for the bibliographic record using the Find Tool. Double click the title to link it to the Serial Holdings Record. If you started from the bibliographic record, it will already be linked.


Use the drop-down boxes on the Serial Holdings Record to fill in:

  • Material Type – Usually “Magazine” or “Magazine New.”

  • Collection – Usually “Magazines,” “Youth Magazines,” or “Teen Magazines.” It can also be "Nonfiction" or other collections if you have magazines shelved within other collections.

  • Status – Usually “Currently Received.”

  • Copy number – Automatically filled in when starting new.

  • Call number – Will come from Serials Item Template.

  • Shelving Scheme – Usually “Title.”

  • Completeness code – Usually “Incomplete.”

  • Retention designator - Be sure to leave the retention designator blank to avoid complications with how holdings are displayed in the catalog.


Click on Save.

A publication pattern still needs to be added. For instructions on how to create and edit publication patterns see: Prediction Patterns.

Move to the Staff Notes view of the Serial Holdings Record. This is where you would put any notes you want the person checking-in issues to see.


Move to the Public Notes View of the Serial Holdings Record. This is where you would add notes that can be seen in the PAC. This is where you would put your retention statement. Example: Keeps current plus one year.


Move to the Orders View of the Serial Holdings Record. Add in the Supplier Name. Adjust claiming intervals based on the frequency of the magazine.


Click on Save.


The Serial Holdings Record has been created! Issues can now be checked in.

Updated: 4/24/2020