Customized Policies

Up-to-date codes and policies are available on Web Reports.

Access lists of your library's codes and policies below. The spreadsheets linked below include tabs for each type of Polaris policy.


Some values are shared across CCS (such as material types, patron class codes, collections, and item statistical classes). These tabs with shared lists are blue.


Other lists are custom to each individual library and branch (such as material limits, patron loan limits fine codes, and loan intervals). These tabs are not color coded. 


In many cases, a value will have both a numeric code and a description. The description is the value that staff will see in Leap and in the traditional staff client. The numeric code is what Polaris is using in the background to run the system. The code sheets linked below often reference the numeric codes. In many instances, staff will need to cross-reference additional tabs to read the information.


The image below comes from the Material Limits tab. The numeric codes in Patron Code ID column are defined on the Patron Codes tab, and the Material Type ID is defined on the Material Type tab. 


Material Type 43 is laptop. The patrons associated with the listed codes are limited to checking out 1 item with a item type of laptop (max items), and are allowed to place 0 holds (max requested items) at this library. 



Code & Policy Sheets by Branch