Database Records

Two Types of Database Records

  • If a library has a paid subscription to a database, a vendor record and resource group should be set up. This will control which patrons have access to the database.


  • If a library would like a record for a non-subscription database, the record should be added as a regular MARC record with an 856 field.


For paid subscriptions, please submit a FreshDesk help desk ticket with the title, OCLC number, and the URL.


Database records do not have items attached. Instead, a Resource Entity should have been created for your library. You can see these in the Bibliographic Record by clicking on the red “R.” The 856 fields are stored here and not in the bibliographic record.

Removing Database Records


To remove your library holdings from a Database Record, go to the bibliographic record and click on the red “R” view. Locate your library’s resource entity and click on “Delete Resource Entity.” If you are the only library that has a resource entity, you should also delete the bibliographic record. Also, open a FreshDesk ticket so that the vendor record and resource group can be removed.

Database resource entity.png