Deleting Withdrawn Items

Option 1: Update Individual Item Record

Open the individual item record. Click the black X icon at the top of the screen.

You will get a message saying: Are you sure you want to delete item record?

Click on Yes. The Undelete icon at the top of the screen is no longer grayed out.

Option 2: Delete Within Record Set

Open the record set of items to delete. If there are more than 250 items, retrieve them all by holding down the CTRL-SHIFT-A keys. Select all of the items in the record set with CTRL-A.

Move your mouse over the highlighted area and right click.

Select Delete from the menu that appears.

When you are deleting multiple item records you will get a warning pop-up box. It is recommended that you uncheck “breakable links” but leave “unbreakable links and other stopping conditions” checked. Click on Yes.

Fines are a breakable link. The patron will still be charged a fine. The patron’s record will show the item as [DELETED] but will still give the title and basic information about the item.

Items that have holds or are checked out will have unbreakable links. These items will need to be reviewed. Patrons may need to be notified or an ILL placed if there are no other copies in the system to fill the hold.

Option 3: Delete from Find Tool

Once staff have changed the status on items to Withdrawn, the items can be searched from the Find Tool. Using an Item Record search, change the “Search by” to Circulation status and type in “Withdrawn.”

Find Tool Withdrawn Circulation Status.p

Click on the Branch tab and click on the “Unselect All” button. Click on the Search button.

Find Tool Branch.png

In this example Algonquin has 855 items with a status of Withdrawn that can be deleted. Do a karate chop (CTRL-SHIFT-A) to make sure you retrieve all 855 items. Then select all the items (CTRL-A). Do a right-click and select Delete. You will get the warning box as before and need to research any problem items.

Find Tool Deleting.png

Kathy Schmidt