Returning a Deposit

A deposit may inadvertently be placed on a patron's account through Comprise if a patron clicks the "submit payment" button multiple times when paying a bill. The first time the submit payment button is selected, Comprise, through SIP, is able to match the payment to a specific charge in the patron's account. However, if the patron clicks again, Comprise accepts the additional payment, and Polaris responds by creating a deposit (since there is now no corresponding charge).

account deposit.JPG

The deposit will have to be removed from the patron's account in Polaris, and refunded through Comprise.


Patrons with Deposits Report

Access the "Patrons with Deposits" report in Web Reports to view patron accounts with a deposit. 

If your library was the transacting library for a deposit, you will need to refund the patron account through Comprise. Follow the steps below to remove the deposit from the patron's account in Polaris.

patrons with deposits.JPG

Removing a Deposit from a Patron's Account in Polaris

Open the staff client. Select the Patron Records option from the Patron Services menu.

patron services.png

Type in the patron's barcode and click search.

search patron barcode.JPG

From the patron's account, open the Links menu and select Patron Status.

patron status.png

Select the "Account" section.


Right click the deposit, and select Return.

right click deposit.png

The deposit will be removed from the patron's account. Library staff will need to refund the patron through Comprise.