EContent in Polaris

Polaris has two kinds of e-resources: integrated and non-integrated.


  • Axis 360

  • Cloud Library

  • Overdrive


  • Hoopla

  • Kanopy

  • Recorded Books

  • Gale Virtual Reference

  • Others

What is Integrated EContent?

Patrons can work directly with integrated eContent through PowerPAC. Within the PAC, Patrons can:

  • Search for eContent

  • Place Holds On eContent

  • Check Out eContent

  • Review their eContentHolds and Check Outs from Their Patron Record

  • eContent will show up in their Reading History

If the patron checks out the eContent directly from the integrated vendor’s service, their Polaris account will be updated when the services sync. 

Checking out Integrated eContent from the PAC

Integrated eContent will appear in search results in the catalog. eContent can be identified by the format logo underneath the title. The format logo will be accompanied by an icon indicating the vendor, such as eReadIllinois (Axis 360). If a patron is logged into the PAC with their library barcode, they will only be able to see eContent items available for them to checkout through their library. If a user is not logged in, and is browsing an individual library's PAC, they will only see eContent available at that specific library.

eContent that is available for check out will have a "Check Out" button to the right of the title.

If multiple formats are available, the user will be asked to choose which format they would like to check out.

The user may also be asked to select their desired check out period from the drop-down list. Once selected, they will click "Check Out Now."

Once an item is checked out, users can follow the steps to access the item on their device. This may vary, depending on the eContent format.

Checked Out econtent will appear in the user's account in both the PAC and in the staff client.

Placing Holds on Integrated EContent from the PAC


If an item is already checked out by another user, a hold can be placed directly from the PAC by selecting the Place Hold button.

The user will be asked to confirm the hold by selecting Place Hold Now.

The hold will appear in "My Account," under "Holds."

Integrated eContent Configuration

CCS is currently configuring settings for each integrated eContent vendor.  After Go Live, CCS Staff will reload all eContent records for integrated resources into the system. After this initial reload, CloudLibrary and Overdrive records will automatically update. CCS staff will upload Axis360 records monthly for CCS libraries.

For more information about EContent configuration, please review the following presentation given at the March 2018 CAMM meeting.