Fund Hierarchy Report

The Fund Hierarchy Report is a useful report for keeping track of the money being encumbered and spent in Polaris Acquisitions. The report is arranged by the funds created for the current fiscal year.

Sample Fund Hierarchy Report.png

The report can be run from within the staff client on an as needed basis. The steps to do this are below.

The report can also be scheduled to run on a regular basis and emailed to staff. To schedule the report, start a Help Desk ticket with CCS. Let us know the email address or addresses that should receive the report. Also let us know the frequency that it should be sent. Frequency can be monthly, weekly, or daily. The report can be scheduled to run on a specific date like the 15th of every month or it can be a pattern like the third Wednesday of the month. 

  1. Log into the Staff Client.

  2. Open the Utilities menu and select Reports and Notices.

Reports and Notices.png

3. When the Reports and Notices window opens, double-click on the Acquisitions folder.

4.  A list of all the available Acquisitions reports will display.

5.  Double-click on the report called Fund Hierarchy Report.

Acquisitions Reports.png

6. A new pop-up window will open. From the list, select the Fiscal year for your library. Click on Submit.

7.  The report will open in a pdf window. You can save the report to your computer or print it.  

Select FY.png