• What's New in Polaris and Leap 6.3:  Read about the new features in 6.3, including the ability to undelete record sets, item bulk update templates, and changes to the PAC password reset.

  • What's New in Polaris and Leap 6.5:  New features include a preferred name field, Outreach services functionality in Leap, and the ability to cancel holds that have shipped (in transit).

  • What's New in Polaris and Leap 6.6:  Only the training server has been updated. New features include duplicate detection for name on identification, serials check in in Leap, generating and printing notices in Leap, prompting PowerPAC users to accept cookies, My Lists are under My Accounts, and changes to supported web browsers.

  • What's New in Polaris and Leap 6.7:  Upgrade to training database scheduled for 1/15/21. New feature highlights include additional cataloging functionality in Leap, including bibliographic record bulk changes and Leap copy cataloging.