April 2018 Go Live Schedule
Go Live Process

The go live process will involve several steps:

  • Data testing will end and our database will be finalized

  • Polaris will copy our test server and use the copy to setup our production server

  • Data will be extracted from Symphony, processed, and loaded into Polaris

  • SIP connections will be updated to point to Polaris instead of Symphony

  • Additional configuration by CCS, Polaris, and library staff.


Once data is extracted from Symphony, any changes or additions to records in Symphony would not be included in the new system. Those changes would be lost. In order to ensure we do not lose data, we must stop changes in Symphony. This means there will be a period during which we can offer only limited services to patrons.


In order to minimize that disruption to patrons, we will use a two step process in which technical services data is extracted, processed, and loaded first. As a result, technical services staff will experience longer downtime than their public services colleagues.

Download a graphic with of key dates and times.

Go Live Schedule
Finalize Data Testing

Friday, February 2

Last day to request new policies like shelf locations

Thursday, March 15

Last day to submit data or configuration issues to CCS

Friday, March 30

CCS and Polaris sign off on Polaris database

Configure the Server

Thursday, April 5th, 5:00 PM
Last day to make changes to the training database for settings/templates/import profiles

Friday, April 6th
Copy of Polaris test to production. Planned downtime (up to ½ day)

Data Extraction and Load

Sunday, April 8th, 5:00 PM
Extraction of bibliographic, item, and authority records

Technical services downtime begins

Friday, April 13th, 9:00 PM 
Extraction of circulation and patron data
Begin offline circulation using Polaris offline client

Tuesday, April 17th
Go live on Polaris

Technical Services Downtime

Sunday, April 8th, 5:00 PM - Tuesday, April 17th when notified
We will extract bibliographic, item, and authority records after closing on Sunday, April 8th. At that time, all changes to bibliographic, item, and authority records must stop. This includes adding or removing records as well as modifying existing records. 

Any changes made to the Symphony database on or after Monday, April 9th will be lost in the Polaris migration. This includes changing item location by checking out to in-house use cards such as MISSING or DISCARD. 
During this period, neither technical services nor public services staff should enter on the fly or ILL records.

Offline Circulation

Friday, April 13th, 9:00 PM - Tuesday, April 17th when notified

CCS will be available for support and troubleshooting for the duration of the offline period from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, with on call staff after 4:00 PM.

All circulation and patron data will be extracted after closing on Friday, April 13th. At that time, all changes to the Symphony database must stop. During this period, neither library staff nor patrons will be able to place holds, pay fines, or perform transactions other than the following:

Check Out
Libraries will use Polaris Offline Circulation to check material out to patrons. Using Polaris Offline is required. Offline files will be processed by CCS and Polaris the night before go live. All properly performed offline transactions will be updated in the Polaris database before we go live.

Patron Registration
Libraries may register new patrons using Polaris offline until Monday, April 16th at 5:00 PM. Patrons registered after 5:00 PM will not be reflected in the live database. The early stop on registrations is necessary to minimize circulation downtime. Libraries should designate one circulation workstation for patron registration to help minimize potential load errors. When registering patrons, staff should check for duplicates in Symphony Workflows, to which they will have read only access. 

Hourly Material Check-In
Library staff may not check material in. In Offline Circulation, there is no way for the system to determine if material should transit to another library, is on hold for a patron, was returned overdue, or otherwise requires action. Material should be set aside until the morning of go live. CCS will discuss options for managing delivery during this period with RAILS.

Hourly or daily use materials that are not eligible for holds such as laptops or other in-house use equipment may be checked in. Your library should determine which, if any, materials would be eligible for offline check in and set up an internal procedure.


Enterprise Access
Enterprise will be up during the offline period, but log in to My Account will be disabled. Neither patrons nor library staff can place holds or pay fines.

CCS will post an Enterprise banner both ahead of and during the offline period notifying patrons of the restricted access. Libraries should also communicate these dates to their patrons as appropriate to your community. CCS will continue to update the migration portal with relevant sample text, suggested schedules, and other tools for communicating with patrons.

Go Live

Tuesday, April 17th


CCS staff will be available from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

Plan to schedule staff early on Tuesday, April 17th. We are targeting 7:00 AM for go live, but that time may change based on the load progress. CCS will provide updates on the load progress throughout the process, and will notify all libraries via system-status and libadmin to any anticipated changes in the schedule.

Library staff will not be able to log on to Polaris production until the load process and related configuration are complete. CCS will notify all libraries when they are able to log in. At that time, staff should begin testing connections and checking in material. 

Staff Scheduling Considerations

CCS strongly recommends that all libraries consider the go live schedule as they create their April staff schedules. 

Management or other staff who have participated in Advanced Circulation training should be scheduled for, at minimum:


  • Saturday, April 14th: First day of Polaris offline

  • Tuesday, April 17th: Go Live

  • Wednesday, April 18th: Day after go live


Consider scheduling additional clerks and/or shelving staff on the day of and after go live. There will be a backlog of material to checkin and shelve. 

CCS will be working with Polaris and third party vendors to switch from Symphony to Polaris connections. Further details on when those cut overs will happen will be available in late January. IT staff familiar with SIP connected tools including self checks and materials handlers should be scheduled:



  • Monday, April 16th: Day before

  • Tuesday, April 17th: Go Live

  • Wednesday, April 18th: Day after go live

Other tasks that will need attention on or shortly after go live include:


  • Username associated printer settings in Leap and the staff client will need to be reset after the final load

  • URLs to the catalog or related search tools on library websites or other publications will need to be updated


Test Database Access

The Polaris Test database will remain available throughout the final extraction and load process with the exception of April 6th copy to production. Library staff may continue to train during that period. 

CCS strongly recommends that library staff DO NOT log in to Polaris Test at any service desks. Any transactions inadvertently completed in Polaris Test during offline will be lost. 

SIP Connected Tools

Authentication with SIP resources can continue throughout the technical services downtime and offline circulation period. Third party tools connected to Symphony via SIP will remain connected until the planned cutover date. Cutover dates for each tool may vary. CCS is developing a schedule as part of our outreach to these vendors.

Users that become delinquent or expired during this period will still have access to resources that may have been restricted during normal circumstances.