Grayslake & Palatine Go Live: FAQ

Can staff use the training database to search for materials while we are offline? 

 Staff can use training as a reference over go live weekend to look up patron accounts or search for materials. However, staff should not enter in any transactions or changes in training; any changes made in training will be lost when we move back online. CCS staff will remove the ability to check out, check in and place holds in the training database. This will prevent staff from accidentally entering in transactions into training instead of into offline over go live weekend. 

How do I access the training database?

Staff can log into training leap at

Can patrons use the catalog during offline?

During offline, Innovative will redirect all library catalogs to the system-level training PowerPAC interface. This will allow patrons to search for materials and check their accounts. We will disable certain functions, such as the ability to place holds and make changes to account information. We will put a header image and banner in place to indicate that catalog maintenance is being performed and search results may be out of date. 

How out-of-date will the training database be during offline? 

Our production database will be copied over to training the morning of Friday, September 4. This should be completed prior to 9:00 am. During the offline period, training will reflect the database as it existed at the time the copy was made. Transactions entered into the production database on Friday after the copy was made will not be reflected in the training database during the offline period. This includes patrons who register for new cards on Friday, items that were checked out on Friday, etc. Checkouts and new patron registrations that happen in offline mode will also not be reflected in the training database.

What is my library's default offline loan period?

Every library is allowed to set their own offline loan period. Please email to confirm your library's setting.

Will ereceipts be generated during offline?

No, ereceipts will not be delivered to patrons when checking out materials during offline. Libraries can configure their offline settings to allow staff to print Check Out receipts for patrons. 

My library currently allows patrons to self-register for a new library card in the catalog. Will patrons be able to do this during offline?

No; during the offline period, all library catalogs will be directed to the system-level training PowerPAC. Self-registration is not be enabled for this interface.

I missed the offline webinar CCS hosted. Was it recorded?

Yes! Watch the recording and review the slides from our presentation. 

Will patrons be blocked from checking out materials in offline if they owe too much money? 

No; Polaris offline does not block patrons in offline based on money owed, unless that patron has been submitted to Collection Agency. Review the blocks that will or won't appear in offline

What happens when data is loaded into production and some of the required fields for patron registration were not entered? 

The patron record will load properly, and the next time staff access the Registration view, they will need to enter in the remainder of the information to save the record.