GVRL Records

Loading GVRL Records


When loading GVRL Records:

  • Make sure that the GMDs are removed

  • Make sure that RDA fields have been applied

  • Make sure that there is an 856 specific to your library


Use the Import Profile for your library. It will begin with CCS followed by your library’s three letter code. For example: “CCS - PHK GVRL Records.” You don’t need to make any changes to this profile before using it.

GVRL Import Profile.png

Check the report for the import profile to see if there were any errors that need to be corrected.

Review the record set(s) that were created. They will be called “GVRL PHK Final” or “GVRL PHK Provisional.” If you do have Provisional records, you will need to merge them with the correct records.


GVRL records do not have items attached. Instead, a Resource Entity should have been  created for your library. You can see these in the Bibliographic Record by clicking on the red “R.” The 856 fields are stored here and not in the bibliographic record.

Resource entity.png

The import profile should already be set up so that the Bibliographic Records are owned by “Cooperative Computer Services (br)” instead of the system. This workaround is necessary so that the titles can be searched in the PAC correctly.


If there are any issues or problems with your record load, please open a FreshDesk ticket so we can help with troubleshooting.


Removing GVRL Records


To remove your library holdings from a GVRL Record, go to the bibliographic record and click on the red “R” view. Locate your library’s resource entity and click on “Delete Resource Entity.” If you are the only library that has a resource entity, you should also delete the bibliographic record.

Delete Resource Entity.png
Warning about deleting resource entity.p
Resource entity was deleted successfully