Using Fresh Desk

The new CCS Help Desk is now live. All tickets opened August 7 or after must be opened in Fresh Desk. WonderDesk will no longer accept new tickets but will remain active for staff to resolve open tickets. WonderDesk will remain active until open tickets are resolved. WonderDesk legacy data will continue to be accessible if needed. Review step-by-step directions for opening and resolving tickets below, and watch our Fresh Desk tutorial.

Opening a New Ticket

Staff can open a ticket by:

To submit a help ticket via the online portal, staff must either use their library's shared login or create an account of their own.

When a staff member creates a ticket via email, an account will automatically be created for them. 

Opening a New Ticket via Email


Create a new email to In the body of the email, describe how CCS can help you. Attach any relevant screenshots or documents as normal. (Instructions on how to capture a screenshot.)

Once the email is sent, staff will receive an email confirmation that the ticket went through. 

Staff will receive a reply to their ticket via email, and can continue to communicate with CCS through email by hitting "reply." 

When a staff member creates a ticket via email for the first time, an account will automatically be created for them. They'll receive an email with a link to activate their account and set a password. The only requirement for passwords is that they need to be at least 8 characters long. 

Opening a New Ticket via the Portal


Visit Log in with an email and password. If this is the first time logging in, select the "Sign Up With Us" option. Staff will be prompted for a name and email address. A verification email will be sent with a link to create a password. 

 Select the "New support ticket" link.

Fill in the appropriate information (required fields are marked with an *). Categories have been updated for the Polaris migration; there are now separate categories for Symphony questions and Polaris questions. There is a field where staff can enter sample record IDs for a patron or an item, such as a barcode or ISBN. They are also able indicate a requested completion date for time-sensitive requests.

Updated categories

Add identifying patron and item IDs

Date option for time sensitive requests





Note: When logged in to Freshdesk, the email address field will automatically populate on the ticket. If the email address is edited, the ticket will be submitted but tied to the replacement email. Freshdesk might log the user out of the original account. The ticket submitter can communicate with CCS via the ticket email thread or create their own account on the portal to view the ticket.

Using the Portal


In addition to using the portal to submit a new help desk ticket, staff are also able to check the status of an open ticket and view a complete list of their tickets. 

The help desk homepage features a keyword search bar. The search bar enables staff to quickly search their help tickets. In the future, it will also search troubleshooting and FAQ articles CCS staff post to the portal.

Staff members are able to view their tickets by selecting the "Tickets" tab at the top of the page or the "Check ticket status" link on the right hand side of the page. 

To switch between the list of open tickets, resolved and closed tickets, and all (both open and closed/resolved) tickets, use the drop down menu at the top of the list. The status of the ticket is listed on the right. Click on the subject of the ticket for the detailed view.

The detailed ticket view displays all the correspondence related to the ticket. Staff can reply to CCS here in place of sending an email. Ticket details can be edited using the fields on the right side of the page. 

New features in the detailed ticket view includes the ability for staff to close their own tickets and adding an additional person to the ticket correspondence via email.

Close ticket

Add to conversation


Resolved Tickets

When a solution has been proposed, CCS staff will mark the ticket as resolved. Once a ticket is resolved, library staff can proceed several different ways:

  • If needed, reopen the ticket by replying to the ticket email

  • If needed, reopen the ticket by replying in the portal

  • Take no action; the ticket will automatically close after two weeks if there is no further activity

  • Marking the ticket "closed" in the detailed ticket view in the portal

Closed tickets can be reopened at any time in the portal by replying to the ticket thread.

Once a ticket is closed, library staff will be able to rate their satisfaction with service in the portal and via email.

How to Capture a Screenshot


For Windows

  • Press               : screenshot taken and copied to the clipboard. Paste into a working document and edit. The PrtScn key is located near the upper-right corner of the keyboard. Note: key may be abbreviated differently, depending on keyboard.


  • Press           +               : screenshot taken and saved to a folder. Look for the document in your computer's Pictures folder (may be saved to a Screenshots subfolder). 

  • Use the Snipping Tool​​. Locate the Snipping Tool using the Search Box on the Task Bar. Once the program is opened, select "New" and click-and-drag to select the area to capture. Copy and paste the snip into a document or save the snip to the computer. 


For Mac

  • Press             +                      +          : screenshot taken and saved to the desktop.        

  • Use Preview​​: Open the File drop down menu from the main tool bar. Select one of the "Take Screenshot" options. 


For Chromebook

  • Press                  +                OR                   +                . Click-and-drag to select the area to capture. The file is saved to a download folder.

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