Holds on On-Order Items

The database does not allow item-level holds on items with a circulation status of On-Order. If staff attempt to place an item-level hold on an on-order item, the hold will automatically change to a bib-level hold and a non-public note is automatically placed in the request record.

Request Record in Leap:


Request Record in the Staff Client:


As a workaround, staff can place a Free Text Block in the on-order item record. Staff may also add a note to the hold request record as reference.

Item Record in Leap


Item Record in the Staff Client


When the item is finished processing and checked in, the Free Text Block will pop to staff. Select "Continue" to complete checking the item in. 

Note: if there is an active queue, the item may want to trap for a different patron. If priority is to be given to the item-level hold, staff may need to decline filling the hold request and reactivating the hold as prompted.

Leap Check In


Staff Client Check In


Staff can use the Fill Now feature to trap the item for the patron. Fill Now is available in the request record in the Staff Client. It can be found in both the request record and the patron's record (under the Holds/Held tab) in Leap.

Fill Now in Leap (patron record)


Fill Now in the Staff Client (Request Record)


The request is then registered as filled, the hold becomes Ready for Pickup, and the patron is notified via their usual preference.