ILL Library Accounts

When lending items via OCLC, staff may choose to check outgoing OCLC requests to a library account in Polaris or check out to designated in-house accounts. 


If updating or creating a new ILL library account, please use the following directions.

Registering and Maintaining ILL Library Accounts

When registering ILL libraries, use the following data entry guidelines:

  • Profile

    • Barcode: Each account needs a unique identifier. It does not need to be a traditional number that begins with a 2. The system will not allow you to create a
      duplicate. Generate a barcode using the following guidelines:

      • Begin with ILL

      • Follow with library name

      • End with abbreviated library type


  • Musser Public Library – ILLMUSSERPL

  • Scott Community College – ILLSCOTTCOMCOL

  • Kaplan University Library – ILLKAPLANUNIV

  • Geneseo Public Library – ILLGENESEOPL

  • Plano Middle School – ILLPLANOMIDSCH

  • Elmhurst Memorial Hospital - ILLELMHURSTMEMHOSP

  • Name: enter the library's name in the last name field. Enter the library's three letter delivery code in the first name field.​

    • For university libraries, enter the university's name in the last name field. Enter the library's three letter delivery code in the first name field. Enter the library's name (if available) in the middle name field​.

    • Enter the delivery code that applies best to RAILS's delivery label standards.

      • If they are on the XWH delivery route, use the RAILS 3-letter code (ex/ HPK, NBK)

      • If they are a RAILS library but not on the XWH delivery route, use their ILDS code (ex/ XBR, XSW)

      • If they are not part of RAILS, use their OCLC code.  

  • Registered At: select "ILL for Cooperative Computer Services."

  • Patron Code: select "ILL Library."

  • Expiration Date: set the expiration date to 100 years in the future.

  • Birth Date: use the placeholder birthdate 1/1/1900

  • Statistical Class: select either "ILL - Inside IL" for Illinois libraries or "ILL - Outside IL" for non-Illinois libraries.

  • Attributes

    • ILL/RB Library Code: if the library's three letter code is not present, select "Other Inside Illinois" or "Other Outside Illinois"

  • Addresses​

    • Check Address Date: set the check address date to 100 years in the future.​

  • Notifications​

    • Set Notification Option to "Email Address."​

  • Preferences​

    • Select the checkbox, "Exclude from Collection Agency."​

Updated March 2020