Usability Testing Implementation Plan

Recommendations from the User Experience Advisory Group roll out in February and March. Here’s what you’ll see in the coming weeks.

Additional recommendations exist on an opt-in basis. Fill out this form to opt-in to suggested recommendations.

Week of February 3

Four hold status are renamed.

Search suggestions feature helpful hyperlinked tips in simple language.

Search suggestions.PNG

Consistent language is added to the Log In page.

login page.png

Week of February 10

Search By defaults to a shorter list of options.

search by.PNG

Week of March 23

Catalog Home and Library Home buttons are added to the PowerPAC menu for all libraries. Governing Board approved this new standardization at their January 22 meeting. CCS will reach out to each library's PowerPAC contact to plan this change.

catalog home.PNG

To Be Determined

The summary statement is shortened 130 characters. Patrons have the option to click "More" to read the full summary.

Why was this recommendation postponed?

Testing before implementation of this option revealed that the use of special characters combined with a shortened summary statement causes a small amount of searches to crash. CCS is working with Innovative to find a solution that causes the shortened summary statement to behave as expected. CCS will alert member libraries when the shortened summary statement can be implemented. 

summary statement.PNG

Further Information