Importing Authority Records

Only catalogers who are NACO qualified or who have been approved by the Data Services Librarian will be allowed to bring in authority records to the database. 


There are two methods to bring in authority records:


  1. Using Z39.50 

  2. Using an import profile to load a file of authority records


The Data Services Librarian will have to configure your Polaris client so that you can import authority records using Z39.50.  Please open up a help desk ticket.


Using Z39.50 to import authority records is very similar to when you are importing bibliographic records using that method.

In the authority records find tool, on the databases tab, the relevant database should be checked. 

Searching using the Z39.50 is the same as when you are searching for authority records locally.  Add your search terms, and click search.  The search pane will show you how many results you have.

Double click on the OCLC Authorities line in the results. From the next results screen, click on the correct heading.

When the correct record is brought up, click on the save button (Ctrl-S). This saves the authority record locally in our database.

Loading a File of Authority Records

The import method works similarly to importing bibliographic records.  You can import a mixed file of both bibliographic and authority records.  In that case, you can use the same import profile, just making sure you fill out the “Authority record” and the “Record set” tabs.

Or, if you are only importing authority records, it is probably easiest to have a separate import profile. Here’s a sample one.

On the “bibliographic record” tab, the “Perform authority control” box should not be checked. Here’s an example of the “Authority records” tab:

The last tab for “Record sets” is also important.  Save your records to a new or existing record set.

Once the records are loaded, the system should provide a link between the bibliographic record and the authority record.  You can create authority links if needed. See the Polaris help screens for full details.