Importing On Order Vendor Records

On the main Polaris toolbar, select Utilities, and then select Importing and then select Express Import.

A new window will open showing all of the import profiles from throughout the system. Scroll to your library’s profile and click on it to select it.

At the bottom portion of the screen, click on the "Add" button.

A window will open where you need to navigate to where your file is. It is easiest to find your vendor file if it is saved on a USB drive or a network drive. In the example below, my file is saved on my F: drive which is a USB drive. If you have a file extension other than .mrc, change the file type to All Files.

Once you find your file and select it, click on the "Import" button.


You will get a message about the file being initialized. This message will go away on its own.

The next message is about your files being submitted for importing. Click on OK.

The next window is the "Import Jobs Queue." Once your file has finished loading, the status will be "Complete."

You can double-click on your file name to see a report about the file load including any error messages.

Search for your record set by name. You can then click on “Tools,” then “Add all records to,” then “New Purchase Order” to create your purchase order.

Kathy Schmidt