Changing an Item Status from the Check In Workform

Polaris uses shared circulation statuses to identify items as lost, in repair, missing, etc. Some Polaris circulation statuses are associated with automated system functions (such as Checked Out, In-Transit, and Claims Returned). 


Others can be assigned to available items by staff. Some staff will have permission to change an item's circulation status directly from the item record, while other staff will be able to modify an item's circulation status from the Check In workform. A group of items can also be modified at the same time from the check in screen. This may be helpful when changing a group of items from, for example, available to repair.

All staff will have permission to modify circulation status, notes, and blocks from the Check In workform. 

Circulation statuses that can be assigned to items include:

  • Missing: A status of “Missing” means that, to the extent the library can determine, the item is available and should be on the shelf but cannot be found. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

  • Repair: A status of “Repair” means the item has been removed from the collection temporarily for repair. The item needs to be mended but is expected to be returned to the shelf when fixed. The item will remain searchable in the PAC, but the “Status” column will indicate to patrons that it is being repaired.

  • Damaged: The item has been damaged beyond repair and will be removed from the collection. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

  • Unavailable: A catch-all term to indicate that the item is unavailable for patron use. These items are suppressed from the PAC.

  • Withdrawn: The item has been marked for removal from the collection. These items are suppressed from the PAC.


To open the check in screen, select the blue "Check In" button.

Scan or type in a barcode, or, search for the item using the Find tool.

Click the checkbox to the left of the item you would like to modify.

Next, select the Actions drop down menu. Choose Manage Item Record.

The Manage Item Record screen will open, allowing staff to modify the Circulation Status, Non-Public Note, Library Assigned Block, and Free Text Block fields.

Note: Some staff may also have permission to edit Collection, Shelf Location, and Material Type from this screen.

To change the item’s circulation status, check the box next to Circulation Status and choose the correct value from the drop-down menu.

Click "OK" to save the changes to the item record.

To change the circulation status for multiple items at once, scan or type in the barcodes, or use the Find tool to check in all applicable items. Then, select the checkbox at the top of the left-hand column to choose all items.

From the Actions drop-down, choose Manage Item Record.

Check the box next to Circulation Status and choose the correct option from the drop down menu. Click OK to save your changes.

Each selected record will update accordingly. 

If the Manage Item Record option is grayed out and not accessible, one or more of the item records are unable to be modified. This may be because an item record is open in the background or one of the items does not belong to your library and is thus ineligible based on your permissions.

Modifying Circ Status from Check In

Updated April 2020