Label Printing FAQ

Why can’t I find my printer?

In order to control your printers with Polaris, you should have software called Screwdrivers installed. New versions of this software come out regularly. There is a way to block a printer in screwdrivers. Ask your IT department for help with this software.


My printer was there yesterday and now I don’t see it. Where did it go?

Sometimes when there are connectivity issues, you can lose your printer. Try logging off Polaris and use the Logoff App icon to disconnect your terminal server session. Then log back in and hopefully things will be back to normal.


How do I get label printing turned on in Cataloging?

When you go to the Cataloging menu, select Cataloging Options. This is where you control which labels will be sent to Label Manager and how they will be printed.

How do I get label printing turned on in Serials?

For serial labels, go to the Serials menu and select Serial Options. Select a label and how they will be printed.


What do the three choices for Print Method in Cataloging and Serial Options mean?

  • If “On Demand” is selected, the Label Manager appears when the user requests a label and the user can view the label before printing it.

  • If “Batch” is selected, the label is generated when the user requests a label, but it is not printed until the user opens Label Manager and selects Print. The Batch option works well for creating sheets of labels for multiple issues or parts. Note: Batch printing is limited to 500 labels at a time.

  • If “Quick Print” is selected, the label is printed at the designated printer without opening the Label Manager.


How do I get more information about the different types of labels already in Polaris?

There is a lot of information in the Polaris Help file about label printing. Search for “Configuring Existing Label Types” and scroll to “Standard Label Types.”


How Do I Figure Out the Measurements?

In Polaris, you need measurements for the page you are printing on and the label sizes themselves. The page size must be larger than the label size.


If you are using a continuous feed type of label, you still need to measure the “page size.” To do this, measure the width of the paper that the label is on. Then measure the space between labels as the top margin.


The measurements are in .Net units (1 unit = 1/100 inch). This means that a page that is 8.5” would be 850.

We aren’t using Polaris to print our labels. How do we turn them off?

Please send in a Freshdesk ticket to There is a system setting we can change for you.

Kathy Schmidt