Lost Items

An item can be marked Lost in one of the following ways:


  1. The item is 45 days overdue and is automatically flipped to a status of Lost by the system. The patron is billed at this time. Library staff do not have to take any action.

  2. The patron reports that they have lost an item checked out to their card, and a staff member uses the Lost process to mark the item as Lost and bill the patron.


Declaring an Item Lost

If a patron reports they have lost a checked out item, open the patron's account and navigate to the “Out/Overdue” tab.

Check the box next to the item that has been reported lost, and select the Declare Lost button.

The "Declare lost item" window will open. 

Staff will be asked to resolve up to two fees related to the lost item: the replacement fee and the processing fee. Staff have three options to resolve these fees:


  1. Accept payment for the bill immediately, either in full or a partial payment

  2. Waive the bill

  3. Charge the patron's account to be paid at a later date


The Replacement and Processing fee can be resolved individually. For example, staff can choose to charge the replacement fee, but waive the processing fee.

*Please note that not all libraries charge a processing fee. If the item's assigned branch does not charge a processing fee, the value will be $0 in that field. 


Pay Immediately​


If the user would like to pay the bill immediately, select "Pay" from the Action drop-down menu.

Select the payment type from the Payment method dropdown:

  • Cash

  • Check 

  • Voucher

  • Credit Card - Manual

The user can either decide to pay in full, or to make a partial payment. If the user would like to make a partial payment, adjust the dollar amount in the Amount field to reflect what the user would like to pay. The remaining balance will be charged to their account to be paid at a later date.

Once all fields have been completed, click the blue OK button to proceed. Staff may be prompted to print a receipt.


If the patron has not paid the bill in full, staff can view the remaining balance by selecting "Account" in the patron record.

Charge the Patron Account

If the patron does not wish to pay the bill immediately, select Charge from the Action drop-down menu for both the replacement cost and the processing fee (if applicable). Click the Ok button to bill the user. 

Staff will see a green bar indicating that the item has been successfully declared lost.

Waive the bill


Staff can also choose to waive a bill for a user.  Staff should follow their own local procedures when waiving charges for lost items. Library staff should not waive bills on materials owned by other libraries.



Staff may encounter an instance where the patron may have an item listed as "Lost/Accruing" on their list of of lost and claimed items. The "Lost/Accruing" is not registered as a count on the Claims/Lost tab. 

This occurs when an item has been made "Lost" after an item is overdue. When an item is declared lost, the patron is not charged for accrued overdue fines. Once the item is paid for, it will move from "Lost/Unpaid" status to "Lost/Accruing." If the lost item is recovered after being paid for, the database will calculate any overdue fines the patron may be responsible for. The Lost/Accruing item will remain on the patron's record until the item record has been deleted or the item recovered and checked in. 


Updated November 2019