Magazine Check In

From the Polaris taskbar click "Serials" and select "Check In."

Type in the title of the issue you wish to check in. Look at the Destination Library and double-click the title for your library.

To reduce the number of results, you can limit your search by Branch.

When you double-click on the title a new window will open that is labelled "Subscription Check In" on the left side and "Check In Record" in the title bar.

At the bottom of the window you will see a list of predicted issues. Double-click the issue that you are checking in, and enter the barcode in the window that appears. The issue is now checked in.

If there are no predicted issues, go to "Tools" and select "Predict Issues / Parts."

If the information for the predicted issues is not correct, right click an issue and select “Open” to bring up the issue record where you can modify the chronology information.

When the information on the issue record screen is correct, click the save icon and close the window. This will return you to the subscription check in screen where you can double-click the corrected issue to check it in.

To combine two issues, select them and then right-click. Select “Combine Issues.” A window will open showing you what the combined chronology looks like. Click OK and then double-click the combined issue to check it in.

If you do not want to modify an existing record, you can also create a new issue record by clicking “Tools” and selecting “Add Issue/Part.”

After an issue is checked in, the status is changes to “Received.” To view the issue you have checked in, select “Received” from the “Issue/Part Status” drop down box.

If an issue was received in error, right click the issue and select “UnCheck-In”.  UnCheck-in deletes the item record that was created, but retains the issue information as an expected issue that has not been received.  Items that are checked out or routed cannot be unchecked-in.

Checking in Issues Using Blank Predictions:

When using blank predictions there are no predicted issues to modify or check in, so they will need to be created.

From the subscription check in screen, click "Tools" and select "Add Issue/Part."

In the window that opens, select the correct pattern and click "Select."

A new issue window will open. Type in the Supplement name and chronology if applicable.

Click the save icon and close the issue record to return to the subscription check in window. The issue is now listed as unreceived and can be checked in. 

Kathy Schmidt