As we move into the implementation stage of the project, we will form teams to provide expertise and input throughout the process.

Governing Board

Governing Board will set the direction for the project, create or change policy as needed, and address questions surrounding standardization and philosophy. 

Library Staff Advisory Groups

CCS staff can't carry this project out alone, and will need the input of library staff experts. Library Staff Advisory Groups will provide valuable knowledge and expertise as consultants during project. 

CCS Implementation Team

The CCS Implementation Team will work closely with the Innovative Implementation Team to carry out the work of the project. This will include weekly project calls, configuration work, training, and more. This group will be a subset of CCS staff, and all CCS staff will participate as subject matter experts, trainers, and consultants.

Technical Groups

Existing Technical Groups will provide feedback to the advisory groups and implementation team as needed. They will continue to meet during the migration on a revised schedule in order to ensure ample time for migration-related work.