CCS National Change of Address Group Submission

The National Change of Address (or, NCOA) database contains the change-of-address records maintained by the USPS. When a resident moves and submits a change-of-address request, the information, including their new address, is recorded in the NCOA database. Unique Management offers a NCOA Address Cleanup service, where they run a list of library patron data through the NCOA database and identify addresses that have changed.   

CCS will perform an annual NOCA group submission to Unique. Libraries can opt to participate in the annual submission in order to identify patrons who have valid library cards with the intent to auto-renew and/or to identify patrons who have moved away from a library’s service area with the intent to block the card. 

2021 Participation Deadline

  • May 12, 2021 - Deadline to submit intent to participate to CCS. To participate, open a help desk ticket or email

Overview of Process

Ahead of the submission to Unique, libraries will submit their intent to participate to CCS via a help desk ticket. CCS and the library will confirm submission criteria and expectations for updates to patron records. CCS will then gather patron records that meet the submission criteria and will send to Unique. Unique will run the patron records through the NOCA database and determine which patrons have moved and which patrons still live at their current address. Unique will then provide CCS with a return file of updated addresses.  

CCS will post the return file to Web Reports and notify libraries that the data is ready to review. Libraries will review the patron records and remove any records that should not be updated. When CCS receives confirmation from the library, CCS will perform the desired bulk updates to patron records. Libraries will notify patrons of updates as needed. 

NCOA Group Submission Project in Detail

View and download this PDF to read about the CCS NCOA Group Submission in detail:

Review the NCOA Group Submission Intent to Participate Form:

Watch an informational webinar about the NCOA group submission (recorded April 28, 2021):

Project FAQ

This section will be updated with new questions and answers! Last update: 4/30/21.

Q: How much does this service cost? 

A: Unique Management charges $0.015 per patron record. CCS will invoice libraries after the patron records are processed by Unique. CCS will provide libraries with a cost estimate and a list of patron records ahead of submission to Unique, in case libraries would like to review. 

Q: Will non-CCS patron records be submitted for the NCOA service? 

A: No, non-CCS patrons and Chicago patrons who are registered as reciprocal borrowers will not be submitted for the NCOA service. Only patrons registered to a CCS library will be submitted to Unique.

Q: Can I customize which patron records are submitted for the NCOA service? 

A: CCS has default submission criteria to be used with patrons (please see the National Change of Address Guide PDF or the NCOA Group Submission: Intent to Participate Form for default submission criteria). If libraries need to customize patron submission criteria further, please let CCS know when submitting your intent to participate.

Q: Is Unique able to check juvenile/minor records through the NCOA database? 

A: Yes, they are able to check juvenile/minor patron records. Per Unique, if an adult’s address changes then any juveniles that are associated with that adult are also updated.

Q: Why will a non-blocking note be added to all patron records that are updated? 

A: Since CCS/PolarisExec will be listed as the last modifier on the account, we just wants to make sure there is a record of why the patron's account was updated and the reason (the National Change of Address Database) for the update. 

Q: Will the bulk updates impact the patron's last activity date? 

A: No - CCS has a way to maintain the patron's last activity date. It will not change during the bulk updates.

April 2021