Notices FAQ


Will my patrons get multiple notices per day?

Patrons can only receive one phone call per day. Notices are batched, for example, in our testing a staff member received one phone call for an overdue item and a hold pickup.


Hold notices via email and texts are sent up to three times per day. Patrons who have holds trapped throughout the day may receive multiple.

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What are the telephony phone numbers and what does the caller ID say? Is the inbound telephony line still the same?

When calling a landline, the telephony numbers will appear on caller ID as Public Library. The caller ID feature does not work when calling mobile phones. Patrons may receive calls from the following outbound lines:

  • 847-590-8706

  • 847-590-9017

  • 847-590-9016

  • 847-506-2325


To use inbound calling features, patrons will call the same number currently in use: 847-590-8706


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What is the window for phone calls? How often will phone messages be sent?

Phone calls will be made between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM daily.


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How many times does phone notification attempt a call?

The system will attempt three calls, at least 10 minutes apart before flagging a notice as failed.

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How do I know if phone calls were successful? How do I know which calls failed?

Libraries can access a failed called reports in the staff client, and will receive email summaries of notices sent. Go to Utilities > Reports and Notices > Notices to access notice summaries and failed call reports.


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Does the phone call list titles?

No. While email, text, and print notices list titles, phone calls will not automatically list titles. There are menu options that patrons can use to get title level detail.


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Can a library opt-out of sending two hold pickup notices?

Yes. Open a help ticket. By default, a patron will receive a notice when their hold becomes available, and a reminder at 4 days if it has not been picked up. Patrons will also receive a notice if their hold expires on the hold shelf once a staff member checks it in.


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Will print notices work with window envelopes?

Yes, the notice format Z Fold Mailer will work with standard window envelopes.

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